Top 10 Best 40-inch Smart TVs Reviews 2021

Whether we are tired from work, from school or just bored with nothing to do, we need some kind of entertainment to keep us feeling happy. Watching movies or TV shows is one of the entertainments we can do as long as we have Smart TVs. To enhance our experience when watching TV shows and movies, we need a good clear and crisp sound as well as a high-resolution screen that makes us feel as though we are in the movie. This way, you can feel more thrilled, more fun, sadder with the shows you watch.

However, before we get to experience this, we need to first buy the TV. In today’s world where there are so many different brands and so many different models to choose from, it may be difficult to straight off the bat see what you want to purchase. But, no worries, we are here to offer help with the selection process. We also offer a buying guide in which we explain to you what to look for in each product to make sure that it best satisfies what you are looking for. To start off, please take a look at these top 10 best 40-inch Smart TVs that have received good reviews from consumers in 2021.

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TCL 40-inch 1080p Smart LED Roku TV - 40S325, 2019 Model , Black
1080p Full HD Resolution excellent detail, color, and contrast; Inputs: 3 HDMI, 1 USB, RF, Composite, Headphone Jack, optical audio out
$349.99 $240.09
Bestseller No. 2
SAMSUNG 40-inch Class LED Smart FHD TV 1080P (UN40N5200AFXZA, 2019 Model)
Full HD 1080p Resolution; PurColor; Micro Dimming Pro; Samsung Smart TV. Mini Wall Mount and Vesa Wall Mount Compatible
Bestseller No. 8
Vizio 1080p Full-Array LED Smart TV, 40"
Browse content on your phone or tablet and play it directly to your VIZIO Smart TV

List Of 10 Best 40-inch Smart TV Reviews In 2021:

10. Sceptre 40″ Class FHD (1080P) LED TV (X405BV-FSR)

10. Sceptre 40 Class FHD (1080P) LED TV (X405BV-FSR)

Sceptre 40-inch smart TV is an LED TV with full high definition which is a resolution of 1920 x 1080P. With this high resolution, you can enjoy your TV shows and feel as though you are there in real life. This smart TV normally consumes 36.75 watts of power. However, it can consume up to 75 watts of power, and if it is on standby mode, then it consumes lower than 0.5 watts of power.

Furthermore, this smart TV is capable of connecting to USB, composite, Bluetooth, video graphics array, and HDMI. Moreover, the sound it produces is loud and crisp making your shows all the more enjoyable.

9. TCL 43″ Class 5-Series 4K UHD Dolby Vision HDR Roku Smart TV 

9. TCL 4 Class 5-Series 4K UHD Dolby Vision HDR Roku Smart TV 

TCL is a 43 inches class 5 series smart TV. It has a 4K resolution which is one of the two high definition resolutions there are. With this high definition, you can better enjoy your tv shows. Furthermore, with TCL smart TV, you are able to access thousands of streaming channels with over 500 thousand movies and TV shows. Now, you don’t need to feel bored at home anymore. Moreover, it has 3 HDMI 2.0 inputs with HDCP 2.2, USB input, etc. With these offered inputs, you can connect your smart TV to other devices or USB sticks.

Lastly, if you are a gamer, this smart TV is also great for you as it has an auto game mode, which automatically improves performance by making the actions appear smooth.

8. TOSHIBA 43LF711U20 43-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV HDR

8. TOSHIBA 43LF711U20 43-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV HDR

Toshiba 43-inch LED smart TV has a resolution of 4K offering you breath-taking pictures that seem as though you are in what you are watching in person. Furthermore, the product comes with a voice remote with Alexa that enables you to get everything as you would with a remote such as launch apps, search, switch inputs, etc. by your voice alone. With this advanced function, you can now instantly access your favorite applications such as Prime Video and Netflix, with your voice.

However, please note that the HD antenna used to watch stream movies and shows from Netflix, etc. is not included in the package and must be bought separately.

7. LG 43UN7300PUF Alexa Built-in 43″ 4K Ultra HD Smart TVs LED 

7. LG 43UN7300PUF Alexa Built-in 4 4K Ultra HD Smart LED 

LG is a 43 inches LED smart TV with 4K ultra resolution. With such high resolution, it can enhance your experience when watching TV shows and movies. Furthermore, the sound is clear and crisp which can make you forget that you are enjoying a show at home, but instead make you feel as though you are there in person to experience what you are seeing first hand. In addition, it also provides some connectivity, so that users can connect things such as a PC or laptop to it.

Moreover, it comes with 3 HMDI ports. Not only that, but also it has a built-in Alexa remote, which means you can control the TV using your voice to access applications and such, just like how a remote control can offer.

6. Samsung Electronics 4K Smart LED TVs (2018)

6. Samsung Electronics 4K Smart LED TV (2018)

Samsung Electronics 43-inch LED smart TV has a 4K resolution that adds more detail and sharpness to the pictures, offering an out of this world experience when you are enjoying your TV shows and movies. Furthermore, the motion rate of this smart TC is 120 which makes the fast moving content extremely smooth and clear without glitching, so you can now enjoy watching action packed movies with smooth actions.

With Alexa devices, you can now access streaming services. Moreover, this smart TV has a breath-taking high dynamic range content that is designed to be compatible with HDR10+.

5. VIZIO D40-D1 D-Series 40 Inch 1920 x 1080

5. VIZIO D40-D1 D-Series 40 Inch 1920 x 1080

Vizio 40-inch LED smart TV allows users to enjoy movies, TV shows, music, etc. from the internet in the comfort of your home. This is thanks to the built-in WiFi that enables the smart Tv to connect with high speed wireless easily and quickly to help you gain access to internet required applications such as Netflix, YouTube, and many other premium ones.

Furthermore, this smart TV has full high definition resolution that makes the picture crystal clear and your shows all the more enjoyable. Lastly, it has an enhanced motion clarity that makes all the action packed movies and TV shows thrilling and stimulating.

4. Samsung UN40NU7100FXZA Flat 40″ 4K UHD Smart TVs

4. Samsung UN40NU7100FXZA Flat 4K UHD

Samsung 40-inch 7 series LED smart TV has a 4K resolution that makes movies and TV shows crystal clear and breath-taking. Furthermore, it has a slim design that would not consume much space as well as look modern and sleek in your living room or bedroom. To make action scenes all the more thrilling and exciting, this TV has a motion rate of 120 that makes fast moving content smooth and pleasing to the eyes. In addition to that, it has an astonishing high dynamic range content that was designed to be compatible with HDR10+. Samsung smart TVs provide you with Samsung Remote Control that enables you to access streaming services.

However, please note that if the signal reception is weak, then the motion rate may cause the action scenes to feel lag, but it does not mean that the TV is malfunctioning.

3. TCL 43S425 43 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Roku LED TVs

3. TCL 43S425 43 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Roku LED TV

TCL 43S425 is a 43 inches ultra HD smart LED TV. It has a 4K resolution offering astoundingly clear pictures making you feel as though you are in the movie yourself. With its smart functionality, you can now instantly get access to more than 500 thousand movies and TV shows. When you are tired of work or school or just bored, now you can enjoy yourself with the many offered shows to pass the time and be happy.

Moreover, TCL 43S425 is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. Lastly, it has inputs for HDMI, USB, composite, etc. for when you wish to connect your TV to elsewhere.

2. Samsung UN43RU7100FXZA

2. Samsung UN43RU7100FXZA

Samsung UN43RU7100FXZA is a 43-inch series ultra HD smart TV that has 4K resolution. With its high resolution, you can better enjoy your time watching your favorite TV shows and movies whenever you want. This upscale every scene there is in any series you are watching making it lifelike and thrilling. To enhance the quality of the life like pictures, it also has millions of shades of color to make the pictures vibrant. Furthermore, the TV has a flat design, which means it does not consume much space.

The flat design also makes it look more polished, modern, and sleek. In addition to that, it is designed to be compatible with Alexa as well as Google Assistant. Lastly, with the smart features that the TV offers, you can search for streaming content and live shows.

1. Insignia NS-32DF310NA19 32-inch 720p HD Smart TVs

1. Insignia NS-32DF310NA19 32-inch 720p HD Smart 

Insignia is a 32 inches LED smart TV. It has a resolution of 720 with pitch black and vibrant colors. This provides the picture with clearer quality and more lifelike, which enhances your enjoyment when you are watching movies and TV shows. With its smart function, you can now enjoy thousands of channels and apps such as Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Video. It can also merge liveTV and streaming channels onto one screen, however, this requires the help of an HD antenna, which is not provided in the TV set.

Furthermore, Insignia is designed to be compatible with a voice remote with Alexa that is included in the set. With this voice remote, you can access your favorite apps just by using your voice.

Buying Guide of 40-inch Smart TV:

When we are looking to buy any kind of product, whether it is for our hobby or for our daily usage, it is vital that we look at the reviews and details of the product to ensure that it is exactly what we are looking for. Furthermore, you can compare between products and products to see which one is better in terms of reviews as well as quality. With smart TVs, there are a number of things that you should take into account before deciding to purchase it.


It is wise to know how big of a TV the location you are planning on placing the TV allows. If the location is spacious then you do not need to worry. Second thing you need to think is how many inches do you want for your smart TV. You need to especially look at this detail as smart TV products usually offer more than size and the prices vary from each size to size.

If you purchase the wrong size, not only would you be unsatisfied with the purchase, but you would also need to pay more if the size is bigger than what you are considering.


This factor is important if you want the quality of the shows or movies you are watching to be clear and smooth to the eyes. The standard and typical TV resolution is 480i or 480p in which the pixels are arranged 640 x 480.

In today’s world, there exist many different resolutions that consumers can take a look at. Depending on your budget, you may want to look at the highest resolution you can get to ensure your experience with the smart TV later will be an amazing one.


Since you may want to connect your smart TVs sto, say USB, then you need to make sure that the product you are looking at does offer this connectivity. Depending on the product, a different number and type of connectivity may be offered. Some offer connectivity for USB, HDMI, VGA, Bluetooth, etc. Some may offer more and some may offer less.


Besides from the resolution of the smart TVs, the audio is another important factor that you need to take a careful look at. If you want your experience with the TV to be an amazing one, then you ought to look at ones that have good audio, audio that can be heard nice, clear, and crisp.


After having read through the reviews on each of the 10 products as well as a buying guide to help narrow down the options and best select the most suitable one for you, we hope that we were able to offer help. As it may depend on individuals, you may or may not have found the specific item that interests you in the 10 products, however, if you have, then we are glad to be of help.

Do not forget to check some factors as mentioned in the buying guide to make sure that the smart TV that you purchased is worth the money and the time you spend on selecting the product is worthwhile. Now, with your new smart TV, have a blast watching movies or TV shows.

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