Top 10 Best Battery-Operated Fans Reviews in 2021

Is your air conditioner not working or not enough cold air to your seat? Well, battery-operated fans are one of the best solutions to bring the cold air to you, and unlike normal fans, they are silent, long-lasting, and convenient as they are portable thus easy for you to pack, carry with you, and can operate for a long time after a full charge. So here we present to you our top 10 best battery-operated fans.

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List of Best Battery-Operated Fans Review in 2021:

#10. Be1 Battery-operated fans with USB

#10. Be1 Battery-operated fans with USB

First off, we have a battery-operated desk fan from Be1 which has a 90-degrees rotating head. Powered by 4 AA batteries, it can go for 5 hours running with the highest speed. It can be charged via a USB cable thus allowing the product to be charged with your power bank, car charger, laptop, USB wall-charger, or even your laptop, etc. It is also noise-free, thus making it more convenient and comfortable with the possible silence around you.

The features of this product include its 7 blades, a timer for the fan which allows the fan to automatically shut down after the selected hour for the timer, and 3 different modes for the speed of the fan. The slowest speed for the fan is 1600 RPM, the middle mode has the speed of 2000 RPM, and the fastest speed reaches 2400 RPM. The overall dimension of this product is 7.5 x 6.3 x 2.5 inches which makes the fan portable and consumes little space. In addition to that, once purchased this product, a one-year warranty is also present

#9. Hueliv Rechargeable Battery-operated Fans

#9. Hueliv Rechargeable Battery-operated Fans

Next, we have a rechargeable battery-operated fan from Hueliv. This fan uses a DC motor which allows the product to be energy-efficient meaning that it uses up to 80% less energy compared to a normal fan, therefore, it reduces your energy consumption costs and also improves the air circulation. Moreover, this product uses a 2500 mAh battery that can go up to 24 hours after a full charge and can also be charged via a USB port either from your laptop, power bank, or USB wall charger. There is no need to worry about safety as Hueliv’s fan has met the international voltage requirements, therefore, is certified and has gone through safety testing.

This battery-operated fan equips with 3 plastic blades, a detachable front cover, and 3 selectable speeds. The plastic blades aim not only to increase the airflow but to also absorb the fan’s vibration to reduce the noise making it convenient, peaceful, and less disturbing than normal fans. The detachable front cover is designed to help with cleaning as it makes it easy to remove to clean the blades. And the speeds provide you with a selection of your choices on how much air circulation you want to surpass you, plus there is also a tilting rotation of 360 degrees that accompanies the other features as well. This product has an overall weight of 450 grams and a dimension of 6.54 x 6.54 x 2.83 inches. In addition to that, a 12-month warranty and free customer service online are provided within the purchase.

#8. Gazeled Battery-operated Fans with 3 Speeds

#8. Gazeled Battery-operated Fans with 3 Speeds

Here we introduce you to a Gazeled battery-operated fan that works with 4 D-cells batteries which are useful during camping trips, traveling, blackouts, and other emergency needs. Being able to work with the 4 D-cells batteries allow Gazeled’s fan to suit an alkaline D battery, carbon D battery, or even a rechargeable NiMH battery. However, this product can also charges with a USB cable, no matter from a laptop, power banks, or the USB wall charger. The motor within the fan designs to lower the noise of the vibration of the product thus allowing you to enjoy your peaceful environment.

This battery-operated fan has features such as the 3-speed settings, the timer, and the 180 degrees rotation. The 3-speed settings allow the fan to last 214 hours with the slowest speed, 46 hours with the medium speech, and 14 hours with the fastest speed. The timer can set to one, three, or five hours so, during a nap or sleep, you shouldn’t have to be paranoid about turning off the fan to save energy or any other reasons. There is also a handle that designs to make the product convenient as you can carry it around easily and also suits other outdoor activities, such as camping or traveling, etc. It has a weight of 1.15 pounds and an overall dimension of 10.1 x 7.5 x 3.3 inches. This fan comes with a one-year warranty; in addition to that, free replacements or a full refund are also provided by the company.

#7. Bimonk LED Battery-operated Fans

#7. Bimonk LED Battery-operated Fans

This battery-operated fan from Bimonk, although comes with a 2 button-top 2500 mAh batteries, can still work with just one or both of the batteries. Since one battery has the power to allow the fan to work up to 6 hours, both batteries combined allow the fan to be used up to 17 hours. The product also includes a USB port to allow USB charging through a laptop, car charger, or USB wall charger.

This fan comes in two colors: silver and rose gold. Furthermore, there are also modernized features that come with this fan such as LED lights, 3 speeds/modes, and a 120 degree up and down movement. The LED lights assist you especially during camping and during relaxing and sleeping. It has 3 speeds/modes in which the first mode is low or sleep mode that has a rotating speed of 1500r/min with a wind speed of 3m/s which can be used for 17 hours. The 120-degree movement allows the fan to be adjustable to suit our needs. A high-quality motor is also included within the product which allows the fan speed to reach up to 2100 rpm with only 3 blades.

#6. O2COOL Battery-operated Fans with Handle

#6. O2COOL Battery-operated Fans with Handle

We now shall introduce you to O2COOL’s battery-operated fan which is very suitable for outdoor activities and emergency circumstances such as blackouts, etc. This product uses an AC adapter and a USB port as one of its ways of charging. The technology within this fan allows it to be adjustable to its most energy-efficient power source at the current moment. To summarize, this fan has 4 power source options: a plug-in cord for AC or DC adapter, a built-in rechargeable battery, and 8 D-cell batteries.

The fan comes with 10-inch fan blades, 2-speed options, stable base with feet, and a flip-up handle. The blades allow more efficient airflow and reduce the noise from the fan. The flip-up handle is aimed to make the product more convenient as you can take the fan anywhere with you. The overall design of this fan not only makes it easy to carry but also easy to store. The product has a dimension of 4.4 x 13.3 x 12 inches and an overall weight of 3.53 pounds.

#5. Viper Quiet Fan

#5. Viper Quiet Fan

This battery-operated fan from Viniper uses a 3600 mAh improved battery and can use up to 24 hours after a full charge. However, as the new version of Viper’s fan came out with the USB port, it has longer working hours. It is made from high-quality ABS plastics and a brushless copper motor which allows the product to be long-lasting. This fan comes with a built-in protection system that prevents overcharging, over-voltage, overpower, overheat, etc.

This fan comes in 4 colors: black, white, navy blue, and pink; and in 2 sizes: 6.2 inches and 8.7 inches with a weight of 9 ounces thus making it convenient to take along with you. It has several features such as 3-speed options: low (can last up to 24 hours), medium (can last up to 12 hours), and high (can last up to 8 hours) and 180-degree rotation for you to adjust your air circulation. It is also quiet therefore would not disturb your silent environment.

#4. AceMining Adjustable Battery-Operated Fans

#4. AceMining Adjustable Fan

Now, we’re talking about AceMining’s battery-operated fan which uses high-quality lithium battery 3600mAh and can last up to 26 hours, however, how long it lasts will depend on the wind speed as well. It takes 4 hours to a full charge. A USB port is also present within this fan to allow another charging method.

This product comes in two colors: black and white and has 3-speed options: low, medium, and high. It can also rotates 180 degrees that allow the product to tilt at a variety of angles and produces very little noise so you can enjoy your peaceful surroundings. Plus, this fan weighs 9.4 ounces thus making it portable and convenient for you to take it with you.

#3. OPOLAR Portable Clip-on Battery-Operated Fans

#3. OPOLAR Portable Clip-on Fa

Here we have a battery-operated clip-on fan from OPOLAR which is portable and uses a long-lasting 10000 mAh polymer battery with 2 ports for charging: micro-USB and USB-C for 2A fast recharging. The fan has a great covering that is safe for use with fast charging ports and requires 6 hours for a full charge. The product contains clamps and pivots that assist the 360-degree rotation of this fan, in which the clamps allow you to attach it with other objects thus ensuring comfortable portability for the users.

The features present within this product include a 4-speed setting, adjustable head, its 8-inches blades, saving modes, and fast recharge. The 4-speed setting is 3 general speed options and 1 energy-saving option. The adjustable head is mentioned above of how the pivots assist the 360-degree rotation of the product. The saving modes allow the users to feel at ease when using the fan. This fan comes in 3 colors: black, blue, and white, weighs 1.45 pounds, and has an overall dimension of 8 x 5.3 x 9.8 inches.

#2. O2COOL Treva Battery-Operated Fans

#2. O2COOL Treva Battery Fan

From O2COOL again, here is its portable battery-operated fan, Treva, which makes from durable plastic construction aimed to be long-lasting and also contains 6 D-cells batteries. Asides from running on the 6 D-cells batteries, it can also charges using an AC adapter.

This product includes 10-inch blades and a built-in handle. The 10-inch blades design to be powerful and produce low and high speeds of wind and to reduce the noise produced via the fan as well. This product sells in 3 “styles”: fan, fan with batteries, and fan with a USB port and weighs 2.33 pounds and has an overall dimension of 4 x 13.06 x 12.06 inches which makes the product small enough to not take up much space.

#1. SkyGenius Battery-Operated Fans

#1. SkyGenius Battery-operated Clip-on Fan

Last but not least, we have a portable battery-operated clip-on fan that uses a 2600 mAh replaceable and rechargeable battery and can last up to 6 hours depending on the speed being selected. Plus, a total of about 6 hours should give this product a full charge. A USB port also includes to assist with the charging methods.

This product’s maximum wind speed can go up to 10.5 feet per second. It weighs 273 grams and has a dimension of 7.5 x 6 x 4 inches. Several features of this product include being lightweight, silent, powerful, having a high-quality motor, and having a 360-degrees for both vertical and horizontal rotation. The clip can allow you to place/clip anywhere you want of your choice.

Buying Guides Of Battery-Operated Fan:


If you are planning to take this fan around with you, to wherever you’re traveling, you should pick a small enough and light fan so it doesn’t affect your luggage weight. However, if you are planning to buy a fan and leave it in one place, sure that you are not moving it any time soon, a larger fan would be a huge assist.

The battery time/life:

Again, if you are a traveler and you plan to take the product with you, you should observe the battery life of how long it can last; the longer the better, and also check as well on how long it takes until a full charge. Then you shall decide. But, if you plan to leave the fan in one place only, the battery life still matters but you might have more access to electricity or any other chargeable items, therefore, battery life should not be a problem for you.


So there we have it, our top 10 best battery-operated fans for you to consider. It saves space and saves energy, and is one of those items that makes you feel very comfortable once used. If any of the products caught your eye, do not hesitate to check it out.

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