Top 10 Best Cake Pop Makers Reviews 2022

Create uniform-shaped pastries with the best cake pop maker. It is a handy and time-saving gadget that has one or multiple holes to deliver neat cake pops. Not only that but also your kids can use most of the designs with minimal adult assistance. This item saves you time, minimizes batter wastage, and leaves the countertop less messy. The following review has more information about the best cake pop makers in 2022.

Bestseller Cake Pop Makers On Amazon:

Bestseller No. 1
Babycakes Multi-Treat Baker
3 interchangeable non-stick baking plates; Make 7 cupcakes, 7 donuts or 12 cake pops; Power and ready lights
Bestseller No. 2
Babycakes Mini Maker Cake Pop, 9, Purple
Non-Stick Baking Plates; Make 9 Cake Pops; Power Light; Latching Handle and Non-Skid Rubber Feet
SaleBestseller No. 3
Holstein Housewares HH-09037023R 12-Count, Red Cake Pop Maker, one-size
Bakes 12 Cake Pops in just minutes; PFOA-free non-stick coating plates for easy cleaning; Save time and energy without preheating/using the oven
$49.99 $35.15
SaleBestseller No. 4
Brentwood Cake Pop Maker Non-Stick, 12, Purple
Powerful 750 watt cake pop maker bakes 12 cake pops in just 4 minutes; Cake pops slide right off of the non-stick plates making cleanup a snap
$25.99 $22.70
Bestseller No. 6
Holstein Housewares HF-09035R-PK1 Cake Pop Maker, 13 x 5.11 x 13 inches, Red
Non-stick coating keeps food from sticking, & provides for an easy clean up; The indicator light lets you know when the maker is done preheating and when it is in use
SaleBestseller No. 7
Disney Cake Pop Maker, One Size, Red
Item shape: Rectangular
$24.99 $14.99

List of 10 Best Cake Pop Makers Review in 2022:

#10 Cake Pop Ball Mini-Mold

#10 Cake Pop Ball Mini-Mold

By: My Little Cupcake

My Little Cupcake is a renowned brand that deals with cake tools such as this mini-mold maker. It has a lightweight structure weighing only 1.6 ounces. This lets you create pastries with ease to leave the arm free of fatigues. Even if you have little ones that want to help, they can do so with minimal assistance. We love the sturdy structure of this gadget to last for an extended period and minimize frequent replacements.

What’s more, it measures 4.2 inches long x 3.7 inches wide x 1.9 inches tall for a secure hold. If you are worried about the price, it costs around 8 dollars which is very affordable. Also, it will save you the time you usually use to roll tasty cake pops. Plus, the result is appealing with a perfectly round shape.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It has a lightweight structure
  • Easy to use
  • Creates perfect round cake pops

#9 Sweet Creations Heart Shaped Valentine’s Day Cake Pop Mold

#9 Sweet Creations Heart Shaped Valentine's Day Cake Pop Mold

By: Sweet Creations

Leave the Sweet Creations brand to come up with this Valentine’s Day cake pop mold. Boasting a lovely heart shape, you can make cute doughnuts to suit most occasions like parties and intimate events. Also, the kid-friendly design allows the little ones to make creative pastries with minimal adults assistance. This item produces 5 cake pops at the same time to save time, energy, and supervision rate.

Fill the holes with any crumbled baked cake and press gently for appealing results. Ensure you don’t use an oven to prevent damage to the material. Furthermore, chilling, dipping, and decorating are simple, then adding a stick for a secure hold. We love the safe hand washing structure for quick and convenient cleaning.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Lovely Valentine’s Day design
  • Creates heart-shaped cake pops
  • Easy to hand-wash

#8 Meatball Scoop Ball Cake Makers

#8 Meatball Scoop Ball Maker


This is among the best cake pop makers that have a friendly price of less than 9 dollars. It is inexpensive and made from high-quality material for easy use. Not only that but also the 304 stainless steel has excellent food-grade properties and high strength. It can resist extreme temperatures much better than the rest for comfortable and healthy operation. Besides, it is multi-operation for use as a meat baller tongs, salad, BBQ, melon baller, cookies, cake, rice ball maker, ice cream, or scoop clip.

Moreover, the ergonomic structure of this scoop has a delicate texture and smooth inner. It has a long handle that reduces the pressures of the hand when scooping a variety of items such as meatballs. What’s more, cleanup is pretty simple because of the non-stick surface. Note that the ball size is 1.38″ and 1.78″.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It is affordable and easy to use
  • Made from food-grade material
  • Has a delicate texture

#7 Goabroa Cake Pop Display Stand

#7 Goabroa Cake Pop Display Stand

By: Goabroa

This cake pop stand is perfect for a birthday party, wedding party, christening, anniversary prom, bridal shower, bake sales, shop window displays, family events, and afternoon tea party. Its food-grade design is safe and longlasting than the rest. Besides, you can use it to display lollipops and cake pops during an outdoor event. Manufactured with thick acrylic, it has a 2mm size and transparent look for longevity. Also, each piece accommodates up to 21 pastries at once.

We love the laser cut mechanism of these items with a smooth and shiny edge. This gives you a straightforward cleanup and value for money after every use. What’s more, the double-layer design improves stability when displaying your tasty delicacies. It measures 11 inches long x 4.7 inches wide x 1.4 inches high with a 0.12-inch hole diameter.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Perfect for parties, christenings, events
  • Provides a stable display
  • Easy to clean

#6 Sweet Creations Cake Pop Round Press Mold

#6 Sweet Creations Cake Pop Round Press Mold

By: Sweet Creations

Sweet Creations Press lets you make pops faster and efficiently. It delivers a uniform and appealing shape for all the pastries you make every time. Not only that but also the simple structure is easy to use for beginners, experts, and kids. Simply take your mixture of icing and crumbled baked cake and press gently into the mold with the sticks. This results in amazing and tasty cake balls that you can decorate to suit the occasion.

Furthermore, it makes up to five pieces at once for kids to bring out their creativity. After use, hand washing is recommended to prevent discoloration and material damage. Also, the manufacturer does not recommend use in any oven to avoid damage to the construction. It has a bright white design for more elegance and beauty.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Makes cake pops faster and efficiently
  • Delivers a uniform shape
  • Easy for kids to use

#5 Tosnail 2 Pack of Silicone 20-Cavity Cake Pop Mold

#5 Tosnail 2 Pack of Silicone 20-Cavity Cake Pop Mold

By: Tosnail

The Tosnail is another best cake pop maker that’s perfect for themed and kids parties. It has a fun structure that allows you to create attractive cake pops on many occasions. You can use it for birthday parties, holidays, weddings, and more celebrations. Also, this unit comes with two molds for added user value and cost-effective operation. Each piece measures 9 inches long x 7 inches wide x 2 inches tall with a 1.5″ cavity diameter.

Made from eco-safe silicone, the four pop molds are durable and food-grade safe. You can put them in the freezer or dishwasher for convenient cleaning. Moreover, they are safe for high temperatures that don’t exceed 450 degrees Fahrenheit. These items are BPA, Phthalate, and PVC free for additional safety. Use them to produce lollipops, party cupcakes, and hard candies.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Perfect for themed parties and birthdays
  • Made from heat-resistant silicone
  • Allows creations of lollipops and party candies

#4 Disney 8 Cake Pop Makers

#4 Disney 8 Cake Pop Maker

By: Disney

We love the bold red design of this cake pop maker. You can place it together with other cake decorating items for easy access thanks to the high visibility. Also, it can make up to four cake pops with a lovely Mickey shape. This will excite most young ones like kids and teenagers, especially during a birthday party. What’s more, it has a non-stick plate that improves your baking sessions as well as cleanup. No need for scrubbing with brushes and other products after every use.

With a batter piping bag, you can fill each space efficiently and accurately. It minimizes flour wastage and countertop mess for more convenience. In addition, you can use the 25 pop sticks to hold the delicacies without cross-contaminating when multiple users are in the house. For added safety, this accessory has non-skid feet made of premium rubber and a convenient cord wrap. Plus, an indicator light to show you when it is on and a latching handle for easy pressing.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It has a bold red surface
  • Creates unique Mickey shapes
  • The rubber feet are stable and anti-skid



By: Cakes of Eden

This kit is easy and more fun to use than other products available in the market. You can use a standard cake mix and your desired ingredients to make delicious cake pops. What’s more, it saves time as you bake tasty doughnuts during this time of social distancing. This unit allows up to 20 cake pops to cook at once, thanks to the non-stick plate. After use, you can clean it quickly to prevent the need for scrubbing and using special detergents.

Additionally, it comes in handy during the weekends when bonding with your kids. They can help you decorate and awaken the inner child or inner artist in you. Plus, the supplied 120 sticks, an icing pen, ties, baggies, and a dipping pot allow more versatility. We take note of the lack of rusting metal of this silicone gadget. It means you can use it in the freezer and microwave safely.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It is easy and fun to use
  • Creates up to 20 cake pops
  • Helps improve decorating skills

#2 My Little Cakepop Set 2 Cake Makers

#2 My Little Cakepop Set 2

By: My Little Cakepop

When using the best cake pop maker like the My Little Cakepop, you don’t need to bake. They are quality molds made from heavy-duty material to deliver appealing cake pops. Not only that but also this set contains two pieces that cost around 40 dollars. This means extended and safe use to save cooking time. What’s more, they have a total weight of 7 ounces for comfortable hold when making your little doughnuts.

This item can be used for new users who are tired of uneven and unappealing cake pops. It delivers cute shapes of the puffs and prevents the use of too much hand effort. Besides, the colorful surface makes them the perfect gift for DIY bakers, kids, and other confectionery artists.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It prevents the need for baking
  • The pack has two heavy-duty items
  • Delivers appealing results

#1 Babycakes CP-12 Cake Pop Maker

#1 Babycakes CP-12 Cake Pop Maker

By: Babycakes

Bake 12 doughnuts or cake pops holes with this machine in minutes. It has a non-sticking plate that delivers an excellent result and easy cleaning. Also, the included plastic stand comes in handy to hold the pastries stylishly and professionally. You can use the fork tool when tasting the bites or serving your loved ones and kids at home. What’s more, the small pop sticks are 50, meaning you can make many delicacies at once in a short time.

In addition, you can come up with creative pastries thanks to the supplied recipe. It helps broaden your cake pop making to improve your skills in the kitchen. Not only that but also it uses only 120 volts for quick creation and energy efficiency. This item is easy to use by spraying the plates with oil, pour your batter, close the top, and bake for short minutes. It delivers round and soft cake balls to save energy and time.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Bakes 12 doughnuts
  • The plates are non-stick
  • Delivers round pastries.

Key Features To Consider For The Best Cake Pop Maker

We understand making tiny pastries at once can take too much time and energy. That’s why you need a cake pop maker to reduce the preparation time. Also, the market has different designs of this gadget that provide an outstanding service. The following are the top features we have researched for you to make your buying choice simpler.

Heat Resistance

Most of the best cake pop makers are made from silicone material. It has high-temperature resistance, and some allow use in the microwave and freezer. You don’t have to worry about warping and melting for more user value.

Number of Holes

Also, consider the spaces the pop maker has. The more they are, the quicker you will finish with the creations. Some have over 20 areas while others less than two to suit various pastry needs. Not only that, but also you can use a model with multiple gaps when preparing to host a party. Even one with a heart shape comes in handy during Valentine’s day.


Save time when creating tasty pastries with the best cake pop maker. Most models have a few holes and a non-stick plate for smooth cake production and cleaning. Also, you can use it for most events such as birthday parties, wedding parties, christening, anniversary prom, bridal showers, bake sales, shop window displays, family events, and afternoon tea parties. When you invest in one of the best cake pop makers above, you can bring out the inner artist in you.

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