Top 5 Best Meat Slicers Reviews Of 2022

Chop your foods at home quickly with the best meat slicers. They are safe to use when slicing different meats such as chicken, beef, fish and much more. Also, some let the user adjust the thickness of the chops suitable for preparing deli trays, lunches, buffet food and much more. And when hosting a party, you can entertain the guest with different meat delicacies and designs. These are the best meat slicers in 2022.

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List of 5 Best Meat Slicers Review in 2022:

#5 ZENY Professional Electric Meat Slicer

#5 ZENY Professional Electric Meat Slicer


The best meat slicers in the market come with stable feet like ZENY. It has rubber legs that guarantee an anti-slip service when slicing your meat. Also, it leaves this machine firm to improve a safer and friendly service. With a large food carriage, the capacity measures 7 inches long by 6 inches wide. That means smooth and consistent cuts to meet most cutting needs at home. Plus, the stainless steel blade is ultra-durable to handle daily and occasional use. Note that the slicers are serrated and measure 7.5 inches long for quick chopping.

This tool is much smaller than the competition to consume little countertop space. You can use it at home or a restaurant when creating tasty delicacies. Furthermore, removing the blade makes cleanup swift while the design guarantees a commercial-style cutting. The numerical scale knob comes in handy when you want to move the plate back and forth. Plus, it helps adjust the thickness to deliver precise roast, cheese, and deli cuts.

Reasons To Buy:

  • The rubber legs are durable and non-slip
  • Comes with a full food carriage for convenient use
  • Simple to adjust the thickness for uniform cuts

#4 CUSIMAX Meat Slicer

#4 CUSIMAX Meat Slicer


Clean this meat slicer easily after use with standard solutions. Due to the hidden track style and removable blade, removing any food buildup is ultra-comfortable. Not only that but also the knife is well-made to handle both simple and heavy-duty tasks. It’s 7.5 inches in length and sharp enough to cut through solid meat chunks effortlessly. What’s more, your meal will slide off this metal smoothly for smooth operation. Featuring an adjustable thickness, this unit has a maximum size of 0.75 inches to let you slice different foods. Plus, a 200-watt motor runs the blade to create uniform slices of beef jerky, deli sandwiches, cold cuts, fruit, bread, and much more.

Additionally, the non-slip feet are sturdy and offer maximum stability in every operation. They keep this device in place while the blade safety guard increases protection. Furthermore, you don’t need to use an additional accessory when pushing food out of the machine thanks to the food pusher. Priding an advanced belt drive and bearing structure, the blade doesn’t require any lubricant to operate. Plus, it minimizes high maintenance while delivering excellent meat slicing productivity.

Reasons To Buy:

  • The hidden track style and removable blade support easy cleanup
  • Simple to adjust the thickness up to 0.75 inches
  • Has non-slip feet that offer maximum stability

#3 Manual Frozen Meat Slicer

#3 Manual Frozen Meat Slicer

By: Befen Meat Slicers

Save time in the kitchen every time you slice your meat with this machine. It’s one of the best meat slicers that handles frozen meals effortlessly. At the same time, you can chop frozen meat like a lamb, chicken, fish and ham quickly, unlike using conventional tools. Also, the uniform slices come in handy when preparing dishes such as sukiyaki, hot pot, pizza topping and sandwiches. We love the premium material used to create this equipment. Not only will the stainless steel last for long but also clean easily. As a result, the consumer will enjoy extended and safe use.

For those people who want to save money when purchasing pre-sliced food, this is the right tool. You can buy a chunk of lamb or beef, then leave in the freezer, and finally slicing the huge cut. Moreover, the size of this slicer is 18 inches long by 6.3 inches wide by 4.7 inches tall. And the 6.7-inch length of the blade ensures you cover a broad section of the meat. In addition, carrying this machine to the desired location is easy as it weighs just above 2kgs. Note that the thickness is adjustable from 0.2mm up to 25mm to support different cooking needs.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Suitable for slicing frozen meats such as chicken and fish
  • The stainless steel design lasts longer than most metals
  • Weighs just over 2kgs to support easy transportation

#2 Meat Slicers Electric

#2 Meat Slicer Electric

By: OSTBA Meat Slicers

Cut your food accurately and quickly with this meat slicer. Its electric design is much quicker and reliable than conventional models. Also, chefs, home cooks and other food experts can use it to save food preparation time. With an adjustable thickness, pick a size that provides you with uniform pieces of about 0.75 inches every time. Plus, the thick slicing mechanism comes in handy when chopping deli, cheese, meat, roast beef, vegetables, turkey breast and fruit. And after use, remove the removable features to improve a quick cleanup. Note that the ring-guard cover is retractable and prevents dirt buildup on your cutting surface.

In addition, this device has different parts such as a blade, slide-rod extension, food pusher and food carriage for seamless operation. You can remove all these sections when clearing out any food debris. Also, pressing the power button and safety lock together startup the slicing process. Simply place the non-slip feet that hold firmly to the working area for a stable service. Not only that but also the 7.5-inch serrated blade runs on a 150-watt power for high yield cutting power.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Helps cut foods accurately and quickly
  • Suitable for home chefs and professional cooks
  • The serrated blade/slicer is sharp and cuts easily

#1 BESWOOD 10″ Chromium-plated Meat Slicers

#1 BESWOOD 10 Chromium-plated Meat Slicer

By: BESWOOD Meat Slicers

The top machine we have on our list is from BESWOOD, which offers incredible strength. Manufactured from heavy-duty material, it lasts longer than the competition. Also, the carbon steel blade has chromium plating to prevent corrosion. And cleanup takes little effort to remove any food debris, remains, stains, and smell. You can cut various meats ranging from thin, thick, tough and even soft in seconds. In addition, this gadget’s blade comes ultra-sharp to prevent constant resharpening after every use.

With a double illuminated switch, simply turn this machine on or off as needed. It brightens the dial to alert you when the power is on to prevent accidental startups. What’s more, it runs on 24 volts to avoid power shocks hence, increases protection in every performance. This device is among the best meat slicers as it slices meat, veggies, cheese, fruits, and ham precisely. Plus, the design supports both home and commercial use.

Reasons To Buy:

  • The carbon steel blade is durable and anti-corrosion
  • Comes with a sharpened blade for precise cutting
  • Can be used to chop meat, veggies, cheese, fruits, ham.

What is the best meat slicer for home use?

Picking out the best meat slicer for home is not easy. The market has various models from different brands which makes it a bit harder to choose a suitable one. For someone looking for a design ideal for home application, check out these tips.

Simple Design

An inexpensive meat slicer is usually designed for home use. It usually has average features such as small blades to handle occasional use. Also, most are compact to occupy a little countertop room or cabinet area.


Another feature for a home meat slicer is its weight. Most manufactures make lightweight grinders for independent use because of occasional food preparations. What’s more, it can handle various slicing tasks when cutting chicken, fish, and other meals.

Versatile Construction

Lastly, a meat slicer should have adjustable thickness. This will help a home chef create straight cuts to meat the meal needs. Plus, producing thin chops of beef, vegetables, cheese or bread is ideal for finger foods and deli-style sandwiches.

Key Features To Consider For The Best Meat Slicers

The following are the features for most meat slicers in the market.


Meat slicers have different designs suited for home or commercial kitchens. The models used in busy areas such as restaurants, they tend to have large slicers. Also, the material used to make them is durable to bear daily use without breaking, dulling, or fading. For those looking for simple designs, there are brands for minimal operation. These are generally compact and less expensive but have smaller blades.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Another feature for this machine is the simplicity of cleanup. Choosing a gadget that’s easy to disassemble will make cleaning a breeze. At the same time, you can wipe down sections separately to promote a healthy performance. What’s more, some are dishwasher-safe to prevent the use of hands and save washing time.


The next factor for the best meat slicers is power consumption. For a home chef who cooks occasionally, a meat grinder with 180W to 200W is ideal. Also, it uses less energy than the commercial products which demand frequent operation.

Size and Weight

The last consideration for the best meat slicer is its overall profile. If living in a house or working in a restaurant with a small kitchen, going for a compact grinder is applicable. Plus, it prevents the use of countertop space when not in operation as you store in hidden cabinets. Note that the commercial models are quite heavy and require a stable platform.


Use the best meat slicer to cut different meals quickly and uniformly. It saves time when preparing foods such as sandwiches and much more. Also, the best meat slicers are designed to meet a home or professional chef’s needs when cutting meat.

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