Top 6 Best Metal Bunk Beds Reviews in 2022

The comfort of your baby is your comfort. This means that your baby should have a sound sleep once he or she gets to bed. The kind of bed, the baby, sleeps on highly determines the mind of the sleep. How comfortable and safe the child is while in sleep is dependent on the design, making, and construction of the bed.

As these are children’s beds, the colors of the bed should be catchy and bright to give the user a fun and happy environment. We have therefore made a list of the top six baby beds in the market. This will make it easy for you to be conclusive in what you want for your child back at home. This is after having considered the below factors.

Bestseller Metal Bunk Beds On Amazon:

SaleBestseller No. 1
Walker Edison Elodie Urban Industrial Twin over Twin Metal Bunk Bed, Twin over Twin, Black
Dimensions: 69.25” H x 41.75” D x 79” L; Top and bottom bunks support up to 200 Ibs. each
$399.00 $272.99
Bestseller No. 2
Bestseller No. 3
DHP Miles Metal Bunk Bed, Black, Twin over Twin
Ships in one easy to handle box and it is simple to assemble; Space Saving sleeping solution | Compact silhouette with an industrial design
Bestseller No. 9
ACME Cargo Bunk Bed (Full/Full) - - Gunmetal
Slat System Included; Easy Access Guard-Rail; Metal Frame; Full-Length Container Lock; Cargo Container Style

Buyer’s Guide Of The Best Metal Bunk Bed:

Non-toxic paints and finishes:

It is crucial that before purchasing a bed, you check out for the colors and finishes used in the construction. Some paints contain toxic elements that will cause mild to severe allergic reactions. We recommend that you go for natural paint rather than the eye-catching colors that contain VOC.

Round and plain edges:

A bed that has plain and round edges are safe for your kids. When they run around the room, sharp edges may hurt them. Make sure that there are no sharp edges or loose hanging screws. This will ensure that your kid is not jabbed.

Age limit:      

How old the baby is will highly determine the kind of bed you tend to purchase. Different children have different capacities while using these beds. A child under 15 Months may not use the upper case of the twin bed. This is due to the safety of the child, as rolling over may be possible.

Material construction:

The material construction of the bed determines durability. A child’s bed has to withstand a fair amount of abuse and jumping on and off. The material used in the construction of the bed should be strong, sturdy, and durable. This will ensure that the bed withstands all these activities. You don’t purchase a bed now and then.

Bed Pack:

During purchase, the total items bought may or may not have the mattresses accompanied by the bed during installation. This is a crucial factor to consider as the buyer would have reduced costs of purchase if the pack contains the mattress to be used. As for beds that do not come with a mattress, the user has to spend more to acquire it.

List of 6 Best Metal Bunk Beds Review in 2022:

#6. Dream On Me Logan Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

#6. Dream On Me Logan Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

Does the safety of your little ones’ matter? Dream on me Logan bed has been tested for any toxic elements. This is to ensure that the kids don’t suffer poisoning, considering they like putting almost everything into their mouths. The full-length guard rails cover the whole bed keeping your kids safe so you can have a peaceful night. This bed has a solid pine wood construction that makes a sturdy and durable frame. The sleek finishes and traditional joinery make the bed elegant additional furniture to your house.

Climbing onto this twin-bed has been made easier by the four-step built-in ladder. It is also made of solid pinewood so it cannot break, making your kids fall. The quality fastening systems hold the bed firmly together, ensuring that it doesn’t crumble. Unlike some of the other brands, this bed can support a weight capacity of up to 165lbs. Its compact design makes it ideal for use in rooms that do not have a lot of free space. However, this bed is not recommended for kids below six years as they can easily fall off despite all the safety measures.

Reasons to buy

  • Four steps built-in ladder
  • Available in sleek finishes
  • Compact design for storage
  • Full safety guard rails

#5. Storkcraft Caribou Twin Bunk Bed

#5. Storkcraft Caribou Twin Bunk Bed

The Storkcraft Caribou Twin Bunk Bed is easy to assemble and does not require any professional skills. It is lightweight to simplify moving it to different parts of the house. The compact design makes it occupy just a small space in the room. To top it all up, the bed has a maximum weight limit for bunk beds, including the mattress. The stylish and unique bunk bed which is sold separately fits standard sized twin mattresses. This is from the well-crafted design, thus universal fittings. The combination of both the quality and timeless design ensures that your children’s bedroom is as beautiful as it can be, from none other brands in the market. This is thanks to the fact that it has a high-quality solid rubberwood and composites construction.

The Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed has stylish and unique fastening systems. It has a 4-step ladder for your kids to climb to bed easily without help. The full-length guardrails keep the kid safe protecting them from falling off. The density is less because it is constructed from rubberwood material.

Reasons to buy

  • Has rubberwood reducing the density
  • Easy configuration into two beds
  • Strong four-step ladder
  • Lightweight simplifies movements

#4. Dream On Me Emma 3-in-1 Convertible Toddler Bed

#4. Dream On Me Emma 3-in-1 Convertible Toddler Bed

Do you have a child that flips and tosses on the bed all night long? This Dream On Me bed is the right choice. The four side rails protect your child from falling out of the bed. It has an opening in the middle just enough for them to get off the bed. The toddler has the freedom to climb into bed as they please because it sits low to the floor. The best thing about this bed is that you can convert it into two sofas and a table. However, you will need to buy the conversion tools separately.

The safety of your toddler has been put into consideration while manufacturing this bed. It has been and proven to be latex, phthalates, lead, and BPA free. It meets and exceeds all the set standards by the ASTM and CPSC. Assembling this bed is easy; all the frames have holes drilled into them. Each part has numbers for easy fitting. If you want a modern or traditional look in your bedroom, this Emma bed will fit perfectly.

Reasons to buy

  • Four side safety rails
  • Latex, Lead and BPA free
  • Available in nine finishes
  • Compact design simplifies storage

#3. Dream On Me, Classic Design Toddler Bed, Black

#3. Dream On Me,

This Dream On Me does not require any professional skills to assemble. The instructions are stated in the manual. Once you put it together, it is a very sturdy and firm bed withstand jumping and a fair amount of abuse. Do you like reading bedtime stories for your kid while lying in bed? This bed can support your weight without breaking apart. However, be careful because the recommended maximum weight capacity is 50lbs. Once you buy this bed, mattress shopping is easy because it fits regular crib mattresses.

The classic design and finishes fit perfectly with your home décor. All you have to do is choose the best from the available nine finishes. This bed will sit at any part of the house, not necessarily against the wall. The two side safety rails will keep your toddler safe even if they are the most active movers. Climbing on and off this bed is easy because it sits low to the floor to reach it easily. The high-quality solid pinewood construction will give you service for a very long time.

Reasons to buy

  • Simple and classic designs
  • Ergonomic and Sturdy design
  • Non-toxic material construction
  • Centre leg reinforces stability

#2. Dream On Me, Classic Design Toddler Bed

#2. Dream On Me, Classic Design Toddler Bed

Transitioning from a crib to a bed has been made easy and fun by this Dream On Me Toddler Bed. It sits low to the floor so that your little one gets on and off quickly. Another great feature of this bed is the two sides’ safety rails. They ensure that your toddler does not fall off the bed from any side. Besides, you don’t have to put the bed against the wall. The solid New Zealand pinewood construction is renewable, sustainable, and durable. It is available in twelve elegant finishes that you can choose from to match your home décor.

Assembling does not require any professional skills because it is easy and straightforward. Every package comes complete with all the necessary assembly tools and a manual to guide you. The stability and durability are guaranteed. The solid pinewood does not break easily. With an extra stability leg, this stability is reinforced. The best thing is that it can accommodate a toddler of up to 50lbs. It is recommended that you choose a Dream On Me non-toxic mattress to go with this bed.

Reasons to buy

  • The bed sits very low
  • Solid New Zealand Pinewood construction
  • BPA and Lead-free
  • Arched head –footboards

#1. Delta Children Plastic Toddler Bed

#1. Delta Children Plastic Toddler Bed

The Delta Children Plastic Toddler Bed is a sturdy and durable bed than the commonly used toddler beds. It is recommended for kids aged fifteen months and above. This bed can hold a weight capacity of up to 50 pounds. Its understated charm features two attached guardrails that ensure your kids’ safety all night long. The bed uses a standard crib mattress, saving you shopping time and energy. The bed is sturdy steel construction. This ensures that the durability of the frame is maximized as steel is a hard kind of material.

The high-quality plastic and steel construction is durable, giving you a good value of money. Inside the pack acquired during purchase is a full detail user manual. This is the accessory that ensures the assembly is made easy and fun while at it. The bag comes with diverse colors and a design that is eye candy to all that entire at it. The bed is JPMA certified to meet and also exceed all the safety standards that are set by CPSC & ASTM

Reasons to buy

  • Uses standard crib mattresses
  • Has JPMA standard certification
  • Used by a broad age group
  • High quality steel and plastic


Transitioning from a crib to a bed has been made easy by the availability of bank beds. These beds are constructed to meet all that your child needs without relying on you. It also keeps them safe, and you can sleep comfortably, knowing they are okay. We have reviewed some beds that will help you make the best decision while purchasing a bunk bed

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