Top 8 Best Motorcycle Dash Cams Reviews in 2021

If you love riding motorcycles for a long distance trip to enjoy the fresh air and exciting speed, you must not forget a motorcycle dash Cam equipped on the motorcycle to record the scenic view as well as the road condition. It also serves as a proof if you encounter some kinds of accidents. For these reasons, a motorcycle dash Cams are highly recommended for you.

In this article, in order to help you narrow down the selection list, we have compiled a list of the top 8 best motorcycle dash cams for you. Also, at the end, there is a buying guide section waiting for you.

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List of 8 Best Motorcycle Dash Cams Review in 2021:

#8. VSYSTO 2-Channel Motorcycle Dash Cams

#8. VSYSTO 2-Channel Motorcycle Dash Cams

First of all, we have this motorcycle dash cam from VSYSTO. It is equipped with an advanced chip which is the IMX323 model. Motorcycle Dash Cam features 1080 high resolution for both front and rear cameras to offer clear videos and photos. It also provides clear vision during the night time if you prefer to ride out at night.

This camera does not require you to charge it since the camera is directly powered by the motorcycle engine. This way, there is no need to worry about the battery while you are going out for a long distance. It is equipped with super lenses to provide a super camera. It offers the clearest recordings of the road condition. In addition, you can share the videos and photos through Wi-Fi and other app shares.

Therefore, it serves as a great gift for your family and friends as well as your loved ones.

#7. Blueskysea Wide Angle Motorcycle Dash Cams

#7. Blueskysea Wide Angle Motorcycle Dash Cams

The motorcycle dash cam from Blueskysea is also worth taking into consideration. It offers both front and rear cameras, and both of them provide 1080p clear resolution. The lens of the camera features up to 140 degrees for viewing angle. The videos captured by this camera are stored in MOV format, and a memory card of 32GB storage is included in the set.

The cam features a 4-inch screen, which enables touch operation. It is very easy to operate since it is able to capture both daytime and night time with confidence. Because this camera works well in the outdoor condition, it comes with the IP67 waterproof function. It is also resistant to dryness, wearing and fire. Last but not least, it is able to detect your speed and alert you if you are over-speed. After the recording, you can download the photos and videos onto your smart devices.

#6. Motorcycle Motorcycle Dash Cams

#6. Motorcycle Motorcycle Dash Cams

For this motorcycle dash cam from Motorcycle, it features a high quality lens to provide high resolution and precision in videos capturing. It offers a wide field of view at 140 degrees for both front and rear cameras. Both of the cameras provide HD resolution in the quality of the videos.

In order to make it compatible with outdoor environments, it is equipped with waterproof lens at IP68 water resistant level. Therefore, it will never get damaged by rain or humidity. The glass lens comes with 6-layer functions, including temperature resistant, high quality transmission, no deformation, no blue as well as sturdy performance.

The operation of this motorcycle dash cam is easy enough. You can simply connect to the vehicle in order to get the power. The recorder will automatically begin to record when you power the vehicle.

#5. VSYSTO Dual Motorcycle Dash Cams

#5. VSYSTO Dual Motorcycle Dash Cams

Here comes a great choice of motorcycle dash cam from VSYSTO. It comes with a metal shell to protect the camera inside and make it more stable in the video recording process. It is equipped with 7 layers of glass lens to provide a large field of view at up to 170 degrees. The videos from this camera feature up to 1080p in their resolution.

It is very easy to operate this dash cam since you can connect to the VSYSTO app in order to download the videos onto your phone. Motorcycle Dash Cams comes with the memory card, but you also have the choice of not changing since there are loops in the video files. It provides up to 1-year warranty to back up the quality of this motorcycle dash cam.

#4. WonVon Dual Lens Motorcycle Dash Cams

#4. WonVon Dual Lens Motorcycle Dash Cams

For this motorcycle dash cam from WonVon, it is available at a reasonable price. Motorcycle Dash Cam is equipped with NT96663 chip, and it is made with powerful rear and front lenses with the power of 200 watts. It provides high resolution videos at up to 1080p. It also includes a night version for you to record the videos clearly at night. The videos are shown on the LCD monitor, which includes 3 modes, including front, rear and both front and rear camera at the same time.

It features 2 functions, including continuous as well as loop recording. For the operation of this camera, it is directly powered by the vehicle without having to link extra batteries. It also includes an SD card for you, and this camera can support up to 256GB storage. In addition, it is equipped with G-Sensor technology to automatically save the video for you in order to prevent overwriting. It also integrates the GPS module as well as Wi-Fi to make things easier.

#3. VSYSTO Video Driving Motorcycle Dash Cam

#3. VSYSTO Video Driving Motorcycle Dash Cams

Moving onto the next motorcycle dash cam from VSYSTO, it is made with both front and rear cameras. Both of the cameras come with high resolution videos at up to 1080P. It can capture up to 2 meter away with clear resolution to provide you with high quality video of the beautiful scenic view during the outdoor trip. Moreover, it is also water resistant with IP65 water resistant level to prevent the damages from harsh weather.

More importantly, it is made with a wide angle of view at up to 140 degrees. The glass lenses come with 6 layers to capture a clear view of the visual scene. It is also built in with a Wi-Fi module to connect the camera easily to your phone in order to transfer the files. Last but not least, it includes a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

#2. AKEEYO Waterproof Motorcycle Dash Cams

#2. AKEEYO Waterproof Motorcycle Dash Cams

There are many reasons to choose this motorcycle dash cam from AKEEYO. Motorcycle Dash Cam is equipped with a FHD camera to put on your motorcycle. It is equipped with both rear and front cameras to capture 1080p high resolution videos. It is built in with 6 layers of glass lenses. More importantly, this camera is very ideal for outdoor usage since it comes with IP67 waterproof level.

It also integrates the loop recording function. It automatically deletes the old videos when your SD card is full. This is to free out space for new videos. It is also built in with G-sensor technology to lock the files without overwriting the important contents. The operating temperature for this camera is between -25 and 80 degrees Celsius.

#1. Blueskysea 1080p Motorcycle Dash Cam

#1. Blueskysea 1080p Motorcycle Dash Cams

Last but not least, we have this motorcycle dash cam from Blueskysea. It is made with a waterproof level at IP67 rates. It is equipped with light sensors to ensure that the light during daytime and night time is both perfect to capture clear view. The display of the video comes with the resolution of 960 x 480 pixels. This is very clear if compared to other cameras on the market.

In addition to that, the camera is also waterproof, which means it is fully resistant to the outdoor weather no matter how harsh it is. It can also integrate the GPS module to work well on iOS systems. Both of the front and rear cameras are clear enough to capture the full road trip.

Buying Guides Of The Best Motorcycle Dash Cam:

Before buying a motorcycle dash camera, we recommend you to look for the following features:

Camera: it should come with both front and rear cameras to capture the videos clearly. A good dash camera features the high resolution video at up 1080P. With several layers of glass lenses, it ensures the perfect quality, light and stability.


since the dash camera is used for outdoor usage, it should be waterproof at the water resistant level of either IP65 or IP67.

Night Vision:

a good dash camera also features the night vision to provide clear videos even during the late night time. This is because some people prefer to ride at night.

Storage and Looping:

most dash cameras use SD cards for storage. However, it also includes the looping function when the storage is full. New videos will take the space from the old videos. In this case, some cameras also include the G-sensor technology to lock the essential files to prevent overwriting.

Wi-Fi module:

for the transfer of files, a good dash camera enables the transfer through Wi-Fi modules. This enables you to transfer to your smart phone app easily.


In short, above are the top 10 best motorcycle dash cams that we have found for you. For your next road trip, let the camera capture the scenic view for you.

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