Top 10 Best Pad for Heavy Periods Reviews in 2022

Most sanitary pad brands design their pads for common customers whose period is at a moderate rate. If you are having a heavy period, it’s essential that you look for the type of pad that can cover it all. Still, you don’t have to worry about it, ladies. We’ve got your back. In this article, we will be talking about the top 10 best pad for heavy periods which you can easily find anywhere on the market.

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List of Best Pad for Heavy Periods Review in 2022:

#10. U by Kotex Pad for Heavy Periods

#10. U by Kotex Pad for Heavy Periods

The first best pad for heavy periods is definitely from U by Kotex. For many years, U by Kotex has been popularly known for its ultra-thin design yet excellent absorption. U by Kotex employs DRICore that can quickly lock all the wetness from your period. Moreover, it’s shaped with a Tru-Fit wing that allows it to stay in place with a secure fit.

You wouldn’t feel like you’re wearing a pad when wearing it; it feels very natural. On top of that, this pad from U by Kotex is also in FSA-eligible items, which means not only they are high quality, but that also means they are very affordable. A pack of this pad from U by Kotex has up to 96 pads, so you can use it for several months before having to buy another batch.

#9. Organyc Pad for Heavy Periods

#9. Organyc Pad for Heavy Periods

Moving on, we have another premium pad for heavy periods from Organyc. What’s special about this is that it is made from 100% certified organic cotton that doesn’t include any chemical or toxic material. It’s completely natural, safe to use, and sensitive-skin-friendly, so it’s highly recommended for any woman; not only those who have heavy periods but also those that normally get an allergy to using non-organic pads.

On top of this, Organyc also provides ultra-absorbent that allows the cotton to quickly and effectively absorb the period leaving no wetness on your skin. The pad can also balance the pH level that allows women to enjoy definite comfort and confidence even during the gloomy day. A pack of this comes with 6 pads, so it’s great to use it for a few months.

#8. Always Pad for Heavy Periods

#8. Always Pad for Heavy Periods

No matter if you’re normally having a heavy period or if you want to enjoy the night sleep without worrying about the mess that can easily cause by your period, the best pad you can look for is from Always. With its Maxi type, it always ensures that you won’t have to worry about anything at all when using it because it has a super long and wide back; each could definitely prevent the period from leaking out when you sleep.

Furthermore, this pad is designed with multiple barriers which can block all the period from entering the edges; hence, it keeps the period locked and safe inside it. Always also offers long protection that is up to 10hr. Hence, not only a long night’s sleep, even during a long busy day, you wouldn’t need to be concerned about this woman’s monthly problem.

#7. Always Pad for Heavy Periods

#7. Always Pad for Heavy Periods

Another highly recommended pad for heavy periods is from Always again. This time, Always won the spot with its Infinity Flex Foam model. Similar to the previous model, Always Flex-Foam is another top product on the market that is best known for its excellent adsorbent for heavy periods. While the previous model is more designed for night time, this one is highly made for the day time. The pad is extra thin and extra light; making it very lightweight for anyone to smash their day with it. Still, it can absorb 10 times better than its weight and any other products.

The design of the pad is just at the right size; making it fit securely in any panty size. Last but not least, the product also comes with Flexi-wings that allows extra-protection while you can keep being flexible on your busy day.

#6. Solimo Pad for Heavy Periods

#6. Solimo Pad for Heavy Periods

One of the most purchased pads for heavy periods on the market online and offline is from Solimo. What’s great about Solimo is that it is made from only top-notch Dri-Fit cotton that gives ultimate breathability and absorption of all the moisture during your period; making the user only feel dry and comfortable. The pad is designed for up to 10 hours of leaking protection; hence, you can go a day without changing a new pad and you wouldn’t have to worry about any leaking of the period no matter how heavy it is.

Solimo is one of the few brands that offer different size selection on its pad. Having the size available for women to choose is very important as it can definitely ensure that each of them got the best coverage during their important time of the month. Solimo also comes with Flexi-Wing to prevent the pad from sliding while you change your body position, too. Finally, this brand also offers a satisfaction guarantee; hence, it’s a completely risk-free product to purchase.

#5. Always Absorbent Pads

#5. Always Absorbent Pads

On the top 5th, a top-rated pad for heavy periods is from Always. Similar to the model from this brand on the top 8th, this model is more suitable to use at night. It comes with 5 available sizes which will definitely fit any women out there. According to a study, there is up to 6% of women who haven’t been using the right sized pad. Hence, it’s a good start to kick off with Always. With as high quality as Always’s products mentioned previously, this model also features with LeadGuard Core that is best known for its excellent absorption in a matter of seconds while it allows long protection of up to 10 hours.

Moreover, it also has a back size of 2X larger than other products elsewhere; so it can protect all the mess from your bed. If you’re looking for a good pad that ensures your good sleep at night, Always should always remain your first priority.

#4. Always Ultra-thin Pads – Pad for Heavy Periods

#4. Always Ultra-thin Pads

Another product in the top 10 best paid for heavy periods is from Always again. This Always Infinity Flex-Foam is popularly known for its ultra-thin design. What every woman loves about it is that it feels like you wear no pad when putting this on, so it won’t ruin your day no matter where you are going and what you are doing. Like the other product from Always, this product also comes with 5 sizes, so you can use the correct one for yourself.

Moreover, compared to different pads from Always and other brands, this one right here offers the longest protection duration which lasts up to 12 hours. The moisture-wicking technology employed on this pad is just super well-functioned, so you can stay clean and fresh whenever you’re using it.

#3. Always Odor-lock Pads – Pad for Heavy Periods

#3. Always Odor-lock Pads

Next onto the top 4th, you might have guessed that the product must be from Always again and you’re right. To be specific, this pad is one of the most hot-purchased pads for heavy periods. Commonly Known as Always DISCREET, this pad is up to 45% thinner than most of the famous brands on the market. Such features can provide a sense of ultimate comfort to any woman on their days of the month. It’s designed for both day and night use.

A lot of customers who normally have heaviest bladder leaks praise this pad for its unbelievable protection and absorption; leaving no liquid on the body or odor to the public. The dry core can rapidly absorb all the mess in less than a second. Moreover, you won’t spread any bad smell during those days because the odor lock technology will neutralize the odor; and allows you to stay confident for the rest of the day.

#2. U by Kotex Feminine Pads with Wings

#2. U by Kotex Feminine Pads with Wings

Standing on the top 2nd best pad for a heavy period is a product from U by Kotex again. Similar to the previous product from this brand, this pad is designed with wings that allow star-rated protection for heavy flow. The patented Xpress DRI core featured in this pad also makes sure it locks away all the wetness and odor, so your body won’t create any unpleasant smell to the public. This feminine pad is also carefully shaped for a secure fit and comfort by making its sides super soft, so you wouldn’t feel irritated even after wearing it for a long day.

Unlike most products, this pad doesn’t include lotion nor fragrance in its making progress, which makes it skin-friendly for any users. A package of this has 64 pads, which can last up to 3 or 4 months easily.

#1. Always Odor-free Pads – Best Pad for Heavy Period

#1. Always Odor-free Pads

Finally, the last best pad for a heavy period is from no one but Always again. At this very point, you might not need to question why Always has always been at the top. Obviously, from its technology and material used, Always makes sure that its pad gives the ultimate protection while making people feel like they don’t use any pad at all. Such comfort is nowhere to be found in almost every other product on the market.

Moreover, this pad ensures 100% leak & odor-free no matter what activities you perform during your day. Besides, this Always pad also offers different size options that clearly every woman can choose to get the right fit. A package of this has up to 78 pads and it’s very affordable for any woman at any age.

Buying Guide Of Pad for Heavy Period:

As we have stated above, for anyone who has a heavy period, choosing the right pad is not just a joke. We understand this and we’d also like to provide some quick tips to secure a great purchase.


One of the most important points when choosing the pad is the size of it. For complete protection, using the right pad that for your side is key to prevent it from any leakage or discomfort. The majority of brands we introduce above have size options available. You can always refer to the size chart to see what size best fits you.

Night or Day:

Besides, buying the right pad for the right time is also necessary. While some pads are designed for night use, some can be more recommended for day use and some can be used for both days and nights. Since your period normally comes at any time, a smart purchase would be to buy both types at the same time, so you don’t have to be concerned about it on a day and night basis. Last but not least, checking the amount of pad per pack is also quite helpful in deciding how many packs you should make at once.


Once you’ve gone through all of these top 10 best pads for heavy periods reviews and the buying tips, we can guarantee that your next period won’t be a problem that can ruin your day anymore. A strong woman will make a great decision and your option can be one of the products on this list.

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