Top 10 Best Sauder Barrister Bookcases Reviews in 2022

Books are the best friends of human beings. You can be knowledgeable on your own without anyone’s help. The proper organization of books helps you find the needed one easily. When you set up a quality bookcase, anyone can conveniently find the book he/she needs. Apart from the neat organization, the bookcase work as outstanding display pieces. Plenty of bookcases are available in elegant styles and designs to revamp the decor of the room.

The shelves and the capacity of the bookcase give an idea of how many books you can arrange. Apart from capacity, one more key consideration is the popularity of the brand. The bookcases from Sauder Barrister are reliable, durable, functional, and easy to use. The collection from this brand offers bookcases with a transitional design style. Right from a small cabinet to a display bookshelf, you can easily find the suitable type of bookcase. Simplify your choice with the following Sauder Barrister bookcases:

Bestseller Sauder Barrister Bookcases On Amazon:

Bestseller No. 1
Sauder 419496 Miscellaneous Storage Storage Cabinet, L: 29.61" x W: 16.02" x H: 71.50", Cinnamon Cherry finish
Four adjustable shelves; Full upper shelf; Cinnamon Cherry finish; Engineered wood construction
SaleBestseller No. 2
Sauder Select Collection 5-Shelf Bookcase, Select Cherry finish
Three adjustable shelves for flexible storage options; Quick and easy assembly with patented slide-on moldings to save you time
$189.99 $127.99
Bestseller No. 3
Sauder 421434 International Lux Bookcase, L: 30.0" x W: 14.49" x H: 70.87", Satin Gold Finish
Safety-tempered glass shelves for added detail; Metal construction for long lasting durability
Bestseller No. 4
Sauder Beginnings 3-Shelf Bookcase, Highland Oak finish
Two adjustable shelves; Enclosed back panel; Highland Oak finish; Engineered wood construction
SaleBestseller No. 5
Sauder Large Storage Cabinet, Soft White Finish
Safety tested for stability to help reduce tip-over accidents; Storage behind full length door includes garment rod and fixed shelf
$414.99 $259.00
Bestseller No. 6
Sauder Beginnings 3-Shelf Bookcase, Brook Cherry finish
Two adjustable shelves; Brook Cherry finish; Engineered wood construction; Assembled dimensions: L: 24.567" x W: 11.496" x H: 35.276
SaleBestseller No. 7
Sauder 2-Shelf Bookcase, Select Cherry finish
One adjustable shelf for flexible storage options; Quick and easy assembly with patented slide-on moldings to save you time
$107.99 $71.39
Bestseller No. 8
Sauder Beginnings 5-Shelf Bookcase, Soft White finish
Three adjustable shelves; Enclosed back panel; Soft White finish; Engineered wood construction
SaleBestseller No. 9
Sauder Cottage Road Library with Doors, Soft White finish
Three adjustable shelves; Hidden storage behind doors; Quick and easy assembly with patented slide-on Moldings
$309.99 $187.81
SaleBestseller No. 10
Sauder 5-Shelf Split Bookcase, Oiled Oak finish
Three adjustable shelves for flexible storage options; Quick and easy assembly with patented slide-on moldings to save you time
$234.99 $164.99

Key feature to consider for Sauder Barrister bookcases:

Pick the relevant Sauder Barrister bookcases after reading the below section:

Material construction:

For bookcases from this brand, the widespread material choices are metal and solid wood. The metal bookcases are extremely durable but difficult to move. They are expensive than wooden bookcases. The major disadvantage is that they are susceptible to corrosion.

The wooden bookcases represent traditional style from the 19th century. If you love to set up classic furniture in your space then this option is a great fit. The reason why the wooden bookcases are best-sellers is they blend with all interiors.


The two common finishes found in such bookcases are modern and antique. The type of your room decor and your budget resolute which kind of finish you need.

The antique finish is the traditional one and the corresponding bookcases are made up of solid wood. The durable construction helps the bookcase to hold multiple books easily at any place.

If you cannot afford the bookcases with antique finish then your modern finish is better. The corresponding furniture pieces are built from quality hardwood.

Place of setup:

Select the location of your bookcase based on the type of space. For use in a living room, go for a large bookcase to set up behind a sofa. But if you want to set up behind a window then go for a low-profile bookcase. For setup in study rooms, go for a taller bookcase. The tall size eliminates the need to climb a ladder for accessing things present at high heights. Try to choose a bookcase with more stackable shelves for use in a study room.

List of 10 Best Sauder Barrister Bookcases Reviews in 2022: 

10. Sauder Barrister Lane Bookcases, Salt Oak finish:

10. Sauder Barrister Lane Bookcase, Salt Oak finish

Are you in search of how to add additional storage to your living room? Well, for that, setup this bookcase available inelegant salt oak finish. This finish employs a catchy look and matches various decors. The design shows cubbyhole storage in which you can store bins, books, collectibles, and other accessories. The top shelf work as a gallery display when you want to showcase a photo collection. The spacious size suggests that the bookcase can accommodate ID tags. The same enables you to keep your precious items organized.

The total weight of 99 lbs does not lay restrictions on the ease of setup and movement. The top unit can hold up to 40 lbs whereas the two middle shelves can hold up to 20 lbs of weight. Moreover, there are two openings at the base that can hold up to 25 lbs of load. The entire assembly process is simple and you can complete it in a few minutes. In total, there are 5 shelves and all of them are spacious. The 3 upper shelves are 12.6-inch high whereas the 2 bottom shelves are 12-inch high.


  • Stays stable on the floor
  • Stylish salt oak finish
  • Comes with 5 spacious shelves

Why We Liked It?

At once, it can neatly hold plenty of books and other accessories.

9. Sauder 426629 Barrister Lane Bookcases:

9. Sauder 426629 Barrister Lane Bookcase

Now it is straightforward to create extra storage space to suffice your home needs. Whether you wish to organize your plenty of books or other office accessories, it is possible with this 426629 bookcase. The design depicts 10 cubbyhole storage bins for hassle-free storage of books and work binders. Out of 10, 8 cubbyhole areas can hold ID label tags. Hence, it is trouble-free to keep all your essentials organized.

The top shelf is equipped with an elegant gallery display. The same offers extra space for displaying photo frames and decorative plants. The Sindoori Mango finish employs an eye-catching look right at the first glace. Overall, the versatile and charming design makes this bookshelf a wonderful addition to any room.


  • Cubbyhole storage offers extra space
  • High durability and versatile design
  • Comes with support for photo gallery display

Why We Liked It?

We like the cubbyhole areas capable to make an attractive display spot for collectibles and knick-knacks.

8. Sauder Barrister Lane Entryway Storage:

8. Sauder Barrister Lane Entryway Storage

The plenty of innovative features makes this entryway storage stands out from the competitors. It lets you charge your electronic devices with 2 USB ports. These ports are available in the electronic storage inside a drawer. Furthermore, the drawer comes with safety stops and metal runners to ensure safety. For flexible storage options, there are 2 adjustable shelves. Depending on your needs, you can vary the size of these shelves.

Another extra yet useful feature is the cord management system. It lets you neatly manage all your cords. The inclusion of durable engineered wood suggests reliable use for the long term. There are 4 cubbyholes for convenient storage of spare towels, shoes, etc. The 2 adjustable shelves can attain different heights. As a result, they create flexible storage space facilities for items of all sizes and shapes. An Eggtronics wireless charger is available. It eliminates cord clutter. Furthermore, the drawer smoothly opens and closes on the metal runners. If you got perplexed during installation, follow the included assembly instructions.


  • Easy access to drawers
  • Comes with 2 USB ports for charging
  • Easy-to-follow assembly instructions

Why We Liked It?

We like the attractive salt oak finish for an elegant look.

7. Barrister Lane Collection 3-Shelf Bookcases:

7. Barrister Lane Collection 3-Shelf Bookcase

Easily organize things like books, photo frames, photos, collectibles, binders, and more with this spacious bookcase. The salt oak finish not just presents an eye-catching look but also complements the decor. Despite the conventional furnishings, the bookcase provides a blend of style and functionality. On the top shelf, you will notice a stunning gallery display. Use this display to showcase the memorable photos of your family.

Remove your confusion regarding the assembly procedure with the included instruction booklet. There are no missing parts, so assembly is easy. Once you follow the assembly directions correctly, the setup becomes a piece of cake.


  • Beautiful gallery display
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Can hold ID label tags

Why We Liked It?

It can accommodate plenty of things at once with abundant storage facilities.

6. Sauder Barrister Lane Bookcases:

6. Sauder Barrister Lane Bookcase

Supplement stunning display and storage space to any home decor with this bookcase. Belonging from the Barrister Lane collection, there is no doubt on durability and versatility. What entices the attention of readers is it is designed in form of a small library. Hence, it becomes easy to access any book or things you need. Moreover, the tempered glass doors come with 3 frames. They slide smoothly to expose a roomy storage shelf.

All the 3 shelves offer adequate space for magazines, books, and binders. They also function well for displaying knick-knacks, awards, and other rewards. In the rear panel, there is the inclusion of cord access. It keeps your cords and cables hidden. Especially, in a living room, office, or dining room, this cable management system helps you.


  • Easy cord access
  • Comes with 3 spacious shelves
  • Durable glass doors slide smoothly

Why We Liked It?

The iron oak finish and the gold hardware accents provide a decent blend of functionality and style.

5. Sauder Barrister Lane Executive Desk:

5. Sauder Barrister Lane Executive Desk

Revamp the appearance of your office with this executive desk. The roomy top surface offers sufficient space to store all the critical essentials. For instance, it can hold a cup f pens, a laptop, multiple notepads, and more. Other key components of the desk are a storage drawer and a pencil drawer. Both these drawers smoothly open and closes on the metal runners. Consequently, they provide a storage facility for assorted office supplies.

Benefit from the flexible storage alternatives with the adjustable shelves. You can conveniently adapt the size of each shelf. Moreover, there are expansion slides available in the file drawer. They can hold letter-size files to neatly organize your documents.


  • Provides flexible storage options
  • Ease of access and storage
  • Can store documents of different sizes

Why We Liked It?

We like the hidden storage area equipped with an adjustable shelf to keep items out of sight.

4. Sauder Adept Storage Credenza, Bookcases:

4. Sauder Adept Storage Credenza

Everything you expect from a quality bookcase is available in this product from the Adept Storage collection. Neatly organize all your stuff for easy access. In total, there are 9 cubby hole storage segments. All of them present enough space for holding books, office supplies, work binders, and more. Also, it is possible to store ID label tags inside these segments. These tags help you know from where you can get all the essentials.

Make the most of flexible storage options with the 3 variable shelves. These shelves are height-adjustable.


  • Can hold ID label tags
  • Roomy cubbyhole storage areas
  • Eye-catching finish

Why We Liked It?

The huge top surface offers ample space for home decor accessories.

3. Sauder Barrister Lane Side Table, Bookcases:

3. Sauder Barrister Lane Side Table

Add a charming look to any space with this functional side table. Essentially, it is a bookcase but designed in form of a table. The top surface is roomy enough to accommodate lamps, plants, photo frames, etc.

The design shows open shelving for net storage as well as display. There is an elegant finish on all sides. This feature provides versatile placement. Moreover, the metal frame steadily holds the weight of the entire structure. Regardless of the decor of your room, the table adds an eye-catching look.


  • Can store home decor items
  • Powder coating resists rust
  • Open shelving for display and storage

Why We Liked It?

It helps a lot to keep petite items accessible in a bedroom.

2. Sauder Select Collection 3-Shelf Bookcases:

2. Sauder Select Collection 3-Shelf Bookcase

Worry not on how to employ a fresh look to a room. Once you set up this roomy bookcase, you will wonder how your things get organized neatly. There are 2 adjustable shelves. They are perfect for holding books, bins, magazines, and other office accessories. Apart from storage, the bookcase can also work as a display case. The Lintel Oak finish employs a stunning look right at the first glance.

One extra found is the inclusion of a front piece over the shelves. The same avoid sagging and ensures stability. Even when packed with bulky books, the bookcase stays in place. The total weight is approx. 63 lbs.


  • Lightweight yet robust design
  • Shelves are durable and adjustable
  • Can be used for display purposes

Why We Liked It?

It de-clutters the space in a living room, bedroom, study room, and office.

1. Sauder Barrister Lane Storage Credenza:

1. Sauder Barrister Lane Storage Credenza

Are you fed up with the boring look of your living space? This bookcase from the Credenza collection adds style and functionality to any space. Along with the ability to store multiple items, it can revamp the appearance of any decor. Its salt oak finish proves how eye-catching it appears.

In addition to books, you can mount a TV with sizes up to 80 inches. Use the 2 adaptable shelves to benefit from flexible storage facilities. The back panel shows cut-outs to provide easy access to cords.


  • Glass doors slide smoothly
  • Neat cable management system
  • Charming salt oak finish

Why We Liked It?

For the price, it is sturdy enough to hold small and large books.

Concluding Note:

When the need arises for neat storage of books, pick any of these Sauder Barrister bookcases. They also beautify the space around.

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