Top 10 Best Shoes Cubby In 2022 Reviews

A neat and ordered entryway conveys a tidy look. The randomly organized shoes are the signs of an untidy entryway. It is easy to get rid of such problems and effectively organize your shoes. With shoes cubby, you can properly place the shoes for ease of access. No more hassles on finding your favorite footwear once you set up a shoes cubby. A well-built, stackable shoe cubby is now available at reasonable prices.

In addition to shoes, these cubbies allow you to organize your clothes and other daily accessories. The available rack configuration avoids the odds of misplacing your everyday use objects. One of the best benefits is the shoes cubbies are available in a wide range of sizes. Besides, many of the latest models are available in stunning and eye-catching designs. Along with a neat arrangement, they also improve the decor of your space. From dozens of shoes cubbies available in the market, here are some of the best ones:

Bestseller Shoes Cubby On Amazon:

Bestseller No. 1
Prepac 60" 24 Shoe Cubbies Wide Hall Tree, Espresso
Assembled dimensions: 60" W x 77" H x 15. 5" D; Internal dimensions: 6. 75" W x 4. 75" H x 14" D (each cubby)
Bestseller No. 2
Prepac 60" 24 Shoe Cubbies Wide Hall Tree, White
Assembled dimensions: 60" W x 77" H x 15. 5" D; Internal dimensions: 6. 75" W x 4. 75" H x 14" D (each cubby)
Bestseller No. 3
Prepac 60" 24 Shoe Cubbies Wide Hall Tree, Drifted Gray
Assembled dimensions: 60" W x 77" H x 15. 5" D; Internal dimensions: 6. 75" W x 4. 75" H x 14" D (each cubby)
Bestseller No. 4
Prepac Entryway Shoe Cubby Console, 60", Drifted Gray
Four large upper cubbies for baskets, games, books (13.25 in. W x 7.25 in. H x 14 in. D); No visible hardware with connecting rod and cam lock construction
Bestseller No. 5
Prepac Entryway Shoe Cubby Console, 60", White
Four large upper cubbies for baskets, games, books (13.25 in. W x 7.25 in. H x 14 in. D); No visible hardware with connecting rod and cam lock construction
SaleBestseller No. 6
Prepac 24 Pair Shoe Storage Cubby Bench, White
Finished in fresh white laminate; Pair with Prepac's 60" wide Entryway Shelf (WEC-6016) to complete your foyer organization
$204.00 $164.34
SaleBestseller No. 10
Prepac 27" 9 Shoe Cubbies Narrow Hall Tree, White
3 strong double Coat hooks; Assembled dimensions: 27" W x 68" H x 15. 5" D; Anti-tip restraint included
$183.35 $170.99

Key feature to consider for shoes cubby:

Filter out the choices for a shoes cubby with the help of the following features:

Types of shoes cubby:

The major types of shoes cubbies are designed to suit every size of closet and need. Two of the most prominent types are cabinets and stand. The cabinets shoe cubbies can hold plenty of shoes. If your closet is occupied a lot and you want some additional room to store shoes then this type of cubby works well. Generally, shoes cabinets are of the same size as the drawers and chests.

For those people who don’t have an entire hoard of shoes, the shoes stands are great options. Usually, a stand is equipped with tiers and it sits very close to the floor. You can place a shoe stand in a bedroom or a corner of a room or entryway.


Shoes cubbies are made up of a broad range of materials. They can be made up of wood or metal or fabric. When you decide to choose a fabric shoe cubby, keep in mind that it will need regular cleaning. The reason is fabric shoes cubby can easily trap dust. However, they are portable and affordably priced. Conversely, metal and wooden shoes cubbies don’t need excess efforts for cleaning. But they are expensive.


Firstly, analyze what accessories and how many accessories you want to store. Depending on that, you need to choose a shoes cubby with appropriate storage space. The number of people going to use the cubby is also a vital aspect to consider. Look at the available compartments and/or racks available.

If you want to store a large number of shoes pairs and other accessories then look for a cubby with roomy storage. Generally, a shoes cubby with 40 compartments is enough to store lots of shoes pairs and accessories. Choose a small shoes cubby if shoes pairs are limited and/or the room space is narrow.

Ease of assembly:

Most shoes cubbies don’t come with a difficult process for assembly. It is better to choose a shoes cubby with quick and easy assembly. To instantly set it up, look for the one with tool-free assembly.

List of 10 Best Shoes Cubby Review In 2022:

10. ClosetMaid 8983 Stackable Organizer:

10. ClosetMaid 8983 Stackable Organizer

Setup this ClosetMaid storage organizer to benefit from the ease of storage and organization. It presents a hassle-free way to store shoes, media equipment, office supplies, crafts items, and more. Generally, this organizer unit is best for entryways, closets, and mudrooms. If there is some unused space in your home, set up this organizer unit there. The design showcases cubes benefitting you with ease of assembly. The white color conveys a sophisticated and professional look. Quality wooden laminate is used in the construction.

With this stackable organizer, it is fairly simple to customize your space. Just use a damp cloth to clean it. The spacious interior allows you to store sandals, flip-flops, and other low-profile shoes. The pack contains a screwdriver, a hammer, and all the necessary hardware for assembly.


  • Space-saving stackable design
  • All necessary hardware included
  • Easy to assemble

Why We Liked It?

The spacious storage leads to ease of access and neat organization.

9. Simplify Stackable Shoe Rack Organizer, 16 Pair:

9. Simplify Stackable Shoe Rack Organizer, 16 Pair

Make sure your closets and entryways stay organized with this Simplify organizer. Its stackable design allows effortless management of all your shoes and other accessories. 16 oversized compartments are included for neat organization. For quick access, you can store different accessories in different compartments. You can organize shoes, boots, heels, sneakers, and more.

A drop cover is included to ascertain that your room appears tidy and neat. This cover helps set up this rack in the entryway or bedroom. No extra tools are needed for assembly. The frame is built from quality metal for stability.


  • No tools needed for assembly
  • Durable frame for stability
  • Can accommodate various accessories

Why We Liked It?

Any small and large shoes fit perfectly inside.

8. 7-Tier Durable Metal Shoe Rack:

8. 7-Tier Durable Metal Shoe Rack

What makes this metal shoe rack exceptional is it comes in a sturdy structure. All 7 tiers make sure you can neatly organize a lot of accessories. The construction is done from quality plastic parts and powder-finished metal tubes. The metal tube’s diameter is 13mm. This tube reinforces the durability of this rack. Equipped with the powder-coated finish, there are no worries about corrosion.

You can also call this rack an entryway shelf or a stackable cabinet. At once, you can store up to 24-30 pairs of adult shoes. No matter your shoes are large or small, this cabinet can accommodate all. It can perfectly house high heels, slippers, and boots. Use any or all of the 10 hooks for easily hanging your accessories. Furthermore, the PP plastic sheet present in the tp rack is waterproof and easy to clean.


  • Stylish and modern design
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Powder-coated finish resists corrosion

Why We Liked It?

The assembly process is a piece of cake when you follow the included user manual.

7. Whitmor Modern Industrial 18-Cubby Bench:

7. Whitmor Modern Industrial 18-Cubby Bench

Now keep the shoes and accessories ordered in an entryway or closet. The maximum storage capacity is 18 shoes pairs. Whitmore purposely used superior quality materials to ensure durability and present an industrial look. The top is made up of engineered wood to withstand up to 250 lbs. No tools are needed for assembly. With its steel frame, the cubby stays stable. The top shelf is made up of woodgrain laminate.


  • Large weight capacity
  • Quality steel frame offers stability
  • Made up of high-quality materials

Why We Liked It?

Design of the bench is perfect to greet guests and accommodate their accessories.

6. STORAGE MANIAC 20-Cube Shoes Cubby Organizer:

6. STORAGE MANIAC 20-Cube Shoe Cubby Organizer

Whether it is a garage or office or home, you can set up this shoe cubby to organize shoes lying around. The stackable design saves space. Also known as a shoe cube rack, you can also set up this product in a bedroom or closet, or entryway.

All the 20 sturdy cubbies create 20 distinct shoe storage cubbies for a wide range of uses. At once, this cubby can hold a maximum of 20 pairs of shoes or other accessories. If needed, you can stack two units at once creating a shoe organizer with 40 compartments. Apart from standard shoes, the cubby can hold flip flops, sneakers, loafers, high heels, etc.

Use the 3-sided cloth cover to resist dust. Compared to a non-woven type fabric cover, the polyester canvas cover used in this cubby offers more durability. Being multifunctional, the rack can store purses, scarves, hats, and other accessories.


  • Efficient organization with 40 compartments
  • Practical stackable design
  • Easy to clean

Why We Liked It?

Apart from shoes, it can store many other tools of different sizes.

5. Prepac Shoes Storage Cubby Bench:

5. Prepac Shoe Storage Cubby Bench

Give a customized look to a hallway or entryway or workspace with this cubby bench. Even in narrow spaces like condos or apartments, it fits well and meets your storage needs. It is possible to combine multiple such identical cubbies to create a personalized look. At once, this cubby can hold up to 24 pairs of shoes. Weighing around 66 pounds, any adult can easily reposition it. There is the use of quality composite wood in construction.

You can pair this cubby bench with a 60-inch wide entryway shelf (WEC-6016) from the same brand. As a result, you can accomplish your foyer organization better.


  • Shiny laminate finish
  • Spacious design for easy organization
  • Fits well in narrow space

Why We Liked It?

We admire the stunning white laminate presenting a unique charm in the surrounding.

4. Lavish Home Organizer-16 Shoes Cubby Storage Rack:

4. Lavish Home Organizer-16 Cubby Storage Rack

Get rid of disordered tennis shoes, heels, sneakers, and any other everyday use accessories. This space-saving storage rack is ideal to meet most of your everyday storage needs. Depending on the available space, you can place it in a bedroom or hallway or entryway or closet. The manufacturing incorporates non-woven fabric, paper inserts, and plastic tubes.

Don’t deter on how to store multiple shoes pairs and accessories. The reason is there are 16 spacious racks available. It is possible to organize shoes for your whole family. Especially its space-saving design lets you allocate space for other things.


  • Space-saving storage
  • No extra tools needed for assembly
  • Withstand daily wear & tear

Why We Liked It?

With the reinforced construction, this rack can sustain daily wear & tear.

3. Lavish Home 16 Piece Interlocking Cubby:

3. Lavish Home 16 Piece Interlocking Cubby

Maintain neatness in a closet or room with this interlocking cubby. Its versatility allows you to use it as a shoe organizer shelf or closet storage bin. The included cubes are built from metal and ABS plastic.

To defend belongings from moisture and dirt, the walls are made up of plastic. With the help of plastic connectors, anyone can customize the entire shape and size of this cubby. Not just shoes but they even hold clothes, DVDs, toys, books, etc.


  • Resistant to water and dust
  • Can store various accessories
  • Size and shape are customizable

Why We Liked It?

Belongings stay protected against dirt, water, and moisture.

2. Honey-Can-Do SHO-01656 Shoes Cubby Organizer:

2. Honey-Can-Do SHO-01656 Shoe Organizer

Manage and defend your shoe collection with this Honey-Can-Do shoe rack. It houses 10 pockets to efficiently classify various things. At once, you can neatly store 10 pairs of shoes. For ease of cleaning, the canvas fabric is equipped with hook and loop strips. For flexible storage in any space, the steel wireframe can be aligned horizontally or vertically. Because of soft cotton fabric, this organizer resists scratches. Moreover, this fabric also contributes to durability. The entire rack structure only weighs 6 pounds.


  • Lightweight and practical design
  • Easy to wash with Velcro-style strips
  • Protects shoes against scuffs and scrapes

Why We Liked It?

The assembly procedure is rapid and easy.

1. STORAGE MANIAC 5-Tier Shoes Cubby Rack:

1. STORAGE MANIAC 5-Tier Shoe Cubby Rack

When you want to use a multifunctional shoe storage solution, look no further. This 5-tier cubby rack can store office essentials, school accessories, shoes, art & craft products, etc. It works perfectly in a living room or bedroom or kids room or hallway or office. In total, 8 side pockets are available to hold a maximum of 10 pairs of shoes. Each side shows 4 pockets at the side to add additional storage space. All the pockets are roomy enough to hold small and huge accessories.

Its freestanding design saves space. Use the top space to store bags, hats, keys, and other handy items. Meticulously built from polyester canvas, the durability is outstanding.


  • Easy organization with 10 compartments
  • Does not take up much space
  • 4 side pockets for extra storage space

Why We Liked It?

All screws come assembled over the steel tubes to make sure no parts are missing.

Concluding Note:

To turn any disordered space into a neat-looking space, these shoes cubbies are beneficial. They can store your favorite and precious items for easy access anytime.

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