Top 10 Best Under Cabinet TVs in 2021 Reviews

The best under cabinet TVs help you declutter and beautify your space. They maximize under cabinet spacing in various locations like the kitchen. Also, installation is seamless and friendly for most consumers. The following are the best under cabinet TVs in 2021.

Bestseller Under Cabinet TVs On Amazon:

SaleBestseller No. 1
Venturer KLV3915 15.4-Inch Undercabinet Kitchen LCD TV/DVD Combo (No HDMI / No AV input)
15.4-inch undercabinet LCD TV/DVD combo (No AV No HDMI Input); Flip-up screen flips around and up to save space and protect the screen
$439.99 $385.89
Bestseller No. 2
Curtis KCR2610 Under-Counter/Under-Cabinet 7-Inch TV Clock Radio
Widescreen TV with ATSC tuner; PLL tuning AM/FM radio; Preset station memories; Built-in LCD digital clock
Bestseller No. 4
RCA Under Cabinet Speaker Dock with 11.6" Space Saver Android Tablet 2GB RAM 32GB
Under Cabinet Speaker Dock - Swivel charging dock; 2 channel speakers;
Bestseller No. 6

List of 10 Best Under Cabinet TVs Review in 2021:

#10 Universal TV Stand – Under Cabinet TVs

#10 Universal TV Stand

By: Hemudu Under Cabinet TVs

This is a universal TV stand that doesn’t need wall drillings and puncturing of holes. It has a thick tempered glass base and solid steel pole for extra strength. What’s more, it holds your screen securely to prevent damages and clutter. And it accommodates televisions measuring 32″ to 65″ with mounting hole patterns from 100mm up to 600mm. Plus, the overall load should be 99 pounds and below for effective service.

Installing this bracket demands only 15 minutes for completion. Even beginners can follow the guidelines supplied to experience a smoother setup. In addition, the TV screws and tools make the process seamless for most users. With four height levels, choose one that suits your space and viewing capabilities. Plus, the integrated cable can pass through the port to eliminate messy cords. At the same time, you can tidy the area to leave it welcoming and functional.

Reasons To Buy:

  • No need for puncturing or drilling holes for installation
  • Suitable for screens 32″ to 65″ for safety
  • Helps tidy up cluttered space

#9 Premier Mounts FLIP-B Cabinet Swing Out Mount

#9 Premier Mounts FLIP-B Cabinet Swing Out Mount

By: Premier Mounts

Premier Mounts has straightforward torque settings for secure and stable positioning. You can place a flat panel TV confidently when not in use to save space and add convenience. Besides, it comes structured to flip down from your under the cabinet. That means you can set it up in various locations like the kitchen and others. In addition, swinging this gadget sideways can be used as a unique swing-out mount.

What’s more, this best under cabinet tv allows a flat panel screen to pivot smoothly up to 360 degrees. Not only for comfortable viewing but also for advanced entertainment sessions. An additional bonus this unit offers is the ability to position it to the desired area along the sturdy support post. Furthermore, the supplied mounting kit boast of a modern black tone for a natural appeal to the spot.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Comes with straightforward torque settings for secure positioning
  • The ergonomic structure allows safe flip down under a cabinet
  • Provides a comfortable and modern screen viewing

#8 Mount-It! Flip Down TV Mount – Under Cabinet TVs

#8 Mount-It! Flip Down TV Mount

By: Mount-It! Under Cabinet TVs

The best under cabinet TVs available include Mount-It because of the high VESA compatibility. If you have a screen with mounting hole patterns between 75mm, 100mm, up to 200mm, this is the right fit. Also, it’s well-made from robust material to accommodate a load of 44 pounds and below. And the material cleans up quickly and easily with a wet cloth to enhance the appeal. In addition, you can tilt down and tilt up to 90 degrees to meet various viewing needs. And after getting the right angle, just lock it in place for extra security.

This machine swivels either left and right up to 45 degrees for more flexibility. Plus, the mounting plate located on the arm, lets easy height adjustability of the monitor or TV up to 5.125 inches. In addition, the hardware provides supports easy installation of under cabinet or the overhead setup.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Comes with a high VESA compatibility
  • Holds 44 pounds of TV weight and below
  • Allows easy height adjustability for perfect viewing

#7 InstallerParts Under Cabinet TV 17″-37″ TV Mount

#7 InstallerParts 17 37 TV Mount

By: InstallerParts Under Cabinet TVs

InstallerParts are among the best TV mount brands that have given you this stylish unit. It has a bold black finish for simple complementing of the room’s decor. What’s more, the shade allows an easy cleanup as well as maintenance for added convenience. This item has a large panel display to fit 17″ to 37: flat panel screens. What’s more, the VESA-compliant structure is best for mounting holes between 75x75mm up to 200x200mm.

Furthermore, installing this gadget is easy, thanks to the standard hardware required. Also, when fastening to an LCD to a ceiling bracket makes the setup more comprehensive. With a versatile unit, just tilt your screen downwards when needed to minimize space use.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Has a stylish and modern design
  • Complements most room decor for added appeal
  • Allows smooth and straightforward titling

#6 Impact Mounts Folding Ceiling Tv Mount

#6 Impact Mounts Folding Ceiling Tv Mount

By: Impact Mounts

Impact Mounts lets you experience a better and smoother TV viewing in most places. You can install it quickly to enjoy favorite shows, whether cooking, driving, cartoons, sitcoms, and much more. Besides, cooking along the food program is more comfortable when used in the kitchen. Just mount this tool around a corner or in a cabinet for added versatility. Not only for secure setup but also it holds small screens in the children’s room or workplace.

This item is foldable by pushing in and unfolds by still pushing in. And it’s perfect for cathedral ceiling mounting to save space and declutter the area. In addition, you can swivel the mechanism by sliding to get an excellent viewing angle. And it accommodates TVs from 13 inches up to 27 inches, weighing 44 pounds and below. Furthermore, this bracket weighs 3.6 pounds for comfortable use.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Supports a better and smoother TV viewing
  • Mountable around a corner or in a cabinet
  • Smooth folding and unfolding mechanism

#5 InstallerParts 17″-37″ TV Mount

#5 InstallerParts 17 -37 TV Mount

By: InstallerParts

InstallerParts is among the best under cabinet TVs with a full panel display size. You can place your screen measuring 17 inches up to 37 inches. Also, it is VESA compliant that meets standard mounting interfaces compatible from 75x75mm up to 200x200mm. And the bold black finish is superior to enhance the room’s look, whether new or contemporary.

Moreover, this tool is easy to install because of the supplied standard hardware. Just fasten to the LCD if using a ceiling mounting design. Plus, the adjustable pole is extendable from 10.6 inches up to 15.7 inches from your ceiling. And titling down is smooth up to 90 degrees for a modern and advanced application. Note that this device is structured from aluminum for increased strength to hold your screen.

Reasons To Buy:

  • It comes with a comprehensive and modern panel display
  • The black finish brings out a contemporary look
  • Simple tilting mechanism up to 90 degrees down

#4 Mount-It! Kitchen Under Cabinet Mount

#4 Mount-It! Kitchen Under Cabinet Mount

By: Mount-It! Under Cabinet TVs

Mount-It is a reliable brand with multiple brackets and mount designs. This folds up for simple use and convenient storage. Also, its solid construction structured from steel holds a considerable amount of load. You can see the rugged material that brings out a fascinating look at the entertainment area, whether it’s the kitchen. What’s more, mounting it is simple thanks to the hardware and clear user manual. Note that the arm boasts a modern black shade to let you color match with existing decor. Plus, the low profile keeps the arm and TV hidden when not watching the screen.

The versatile look of this tool can be used in different locations. Just install it in the workspace, kitchen, office, bedroom, living room, and much more. Besides, unfolding and folding give you more advantages than a standard mount. You can keep spreadsheets, kitchen tools, and keyboards in the extra room. Furthermore, swiveling to the right and left is accessible up to 360 degrees.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Folds up to allow a convenient storage
  • Made from robust and durable steel
  • Holds more appliances like kitchen appliances

#3 VideoSecu Kitchen Under Cabinet Mount – Under Cabinet TVs

#3 VideoSecu Kitchen Under Cabinet Mount

By: VideoSecu Under Cabinet TVs

VideoSecu is another best under cabinet tv with a simple structure. Made from heavy-gauge steel, it is more durable and more dependable than the rest. Also, it can support televisions weighing under 18 pounds effortlessly. This means you can keep your screen from various brands confidently to leave the room cleaner and entertaining. What’s more, it is compatible with TVs consisting of VESA 50x50mm, 75x75mm, up to 100x100mm.

Additionally, the ability to adjust the swivel angle makes it more popular. Just amend the position to achieve the right viewing level for extra comfort. Besides, you can tuck it under the cabinet in various places like the kitchen when not in use. Not only for space-saving but also for modern use. Furthermore, it comes with standard mounting hardware for a straightforward setup. And the bracket accommodates television from 13 to 23 inches perfectly.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Has heavy-gauge steel for a sturdy hold
  • Carries 18 pounds of load and below safely
  • Easy to adjust the swivel angle for extra comfort

#2 Mount-It! Under Cabinet TVs Bracket

#2 Mount-It! Under Cabinet TV Bracket

By: Mount-It! Under Cabinet TVs

Mount-It joins the best under cabinet TVs available because of the flexible design. It folds up for secure storage while giving a contemporary feel to the room. Besides, it tilts and swivels to create a unique and ergonomic positioning. Now, you can view your screen comfortably from various angles. In addition, the structure of this unit has impressive strength to carry 44 pounds and below effortlessly. And it supplies a safe grip of the TV as you adjust the height by sliding down or up the arm. What’s more, you can place this mount for bedrooms, offices, workspaces, and even the kitchen.

We love the unfolding features of this tool for extra room to keep notes, supplies, keyboards, spreadsheets, and kitchen supplies. Alternatively, you can apply the corner or pitched ceiling installations to suit the viewing needs. Moreover, you can enjoy a touch-screen display when accessing cookbooks, news, or e-mail under your cabinet.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Comes with a flexible and foldable design
  • Brings out a chic and temporary look
  • For the bedrooms, offices, workspaces, etc

#1 FITUEYES Universal TV Stand – Under Cabinet TVs

#1 FITUEYES Universal TV Stand

By: FITUEYES Under Cabinet TVs

The FITUEYES TV stand has a freestanding design for secure and superior hold. You don’t need to drill multiple holes on the wall for installation. What’s more, it comes with a premium steel pole plus tempered glass bottom for extra stability. The glass finish makes it sleek and modern-looking to complement the entertainment room’s space. Besides, the reliable parts hold your screen safely to reduce floor space use. Featuring two hanging bars, they have a curved style to fit 32″ to 65″ televisions. Also, it’s compatible with VESA patterns between 200x200mm and 600mmx400mm.

In addition, this holder carries a maximum TV load of up to 110 pounds. It comes with a 13-inches shelf width to allow simple mounting depth up to 27.5 inches. Moreover, the included rack boasts 3 heights for simple adjustments from 26.3 up to 31.8 inches. And this bracket weighs 15 pounds for safe and straightforward operation. Furthermore, assembly takes a short period thanks to the detailed manuals and related hardware. And the setup accommodates a variety of TV models such as Samsung, Sony, Insignia, Vizio, Element, LG, Sharp, Haier, and more.

Reasons To Buy:

  • The freestanding design allows simple setup
  • Comes with a sleek-looking tempered glass design
  • Holds 110 pounds load safely and effortlessly.

Key Considerations For The Best Under Cabinet TVs:

Check these tips when choosing an under cabinet Tv mount.


What television size can the best under cabinet tv mount hold? Some start from 17″-37″, while others go as high as 65 inches. Make sure you measure the screen dimensions before getting an ideal bracket.

Strength and Performance

Also, the mount should be strong enough to hold a considerable amount of load. For most, they accommodate different brands of TVs such as Samsung, Vizio, Element, and much more. Besides, the material like steel and tempered glass guarantee a stylish finish for an additional room’s beauty.


Maximize small spaces in the kitchen when viewing shows with the best under cabinet TVs. They have a low profile to promote a secure installation. Also, they declutter the area even when not in use ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and much more. Note that the best under cabinet TVs mounts have smaller dimensions than the standard brackets.

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